Minions, best wishes are needed here

Not HERE here. Here. Stephanie’s under the knife, under general anesthetic. This worries me. Generally. Not that I don’t have “faith” in the science behind it, but stuff can happen that nobody foresees.

Not to take the morbid tack here, but whatever would we do without our fearless leader? Who would fill her shoes on the interwebs? So many idiots would go unanswered! We’d all have to give up our day jobs to redouble our efforts of patrolling the net, punching retardery repeatedly where Stephanie is able to crush the opposition with so much ease otherwise. She just makes it all seem so effortless that the rest of us would be hard pressed to fill her role. Seriously, it’s like having a level 80 tank on a ten-man level 20 raid.

(ahem… sorry.)

I’m sure she will be fine. Jodi was fine coming out of general anesthetic recently, though I was fretful enough to take a day off work to look after her. (That didn’t stop a server from crashing before we even got out of the hospital, and after she was discharged I had to head straight into work and sit her down in the server room while I reprogrammed said server with a hand-axe, but that’s another story.) I guess I’m writing this mostly to let Stephanie know she’s loved — not just on the blogosphere, but in real life, in meatspace, where people are honestly touched by and affected by her ideas, her stories, and her analysis.

I know she knows this. I guess I just feel the need to reiterate.

Minions, best wishes are needed here
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9 thoughts on “Minions, best wishes are needed here

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    Hells yes, that’s a great recovery regimen!

    Jodi mentioned the other day you were tweeting about Jak 2. I don’t suppose you’ve finished the trilogy? It’s one of Jodi’s favorites.

  2. 4

    Dude. A Tank? Noes. There’s healing powers in there, too (as when Stephanie does her ‘splainin’ of things). I mean, tank maybe, but she’s a druid if ANYTHING.

  3. 5

    Okay, that’s fair. The druid is the catch-all class, with all its forms and such. Jumping back and forth between DPS (cat), tank (bear) and healing (normal + nature spells) suits Stephanie quite well!

  4. 6

    No, no, no. No MMORPGs. No leveling up. I don’t have anything like enough time to do everything I want to do now, and I’ve been known to find certain behaviors somewhat addictive. I dare not risk it.

    Yes, Jason, we’ve played all three main Jak & Daxter games. We’re waiting impatiently for the new one to come out at the end of the year. Having a Jak II with the reasonable, in-mission continue points I mentioned a few days ago would make the waiting much easier. I loved the story on that one and would love to be able to replay it, but I don’t want that much frustration again.

  5. 8

    Well, there’s always cheating. Get an Action Replay and give yourself infinite health. Replay minus frustration.

    And as for avoiding RPGs, yeah… I don’t blame you. And I wish I had your foresight and resolve.

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