The Corporation

I’m playing this as background while I work today, though it threatens to drive me to distraction. Greg Laden is posting it a chunk at a time — he’s apparently shown it a number of times in class, so it’s gotta be worth a watch. A kind commenter linked to the whole playlist for this documentary, which I’ve embedded below.

What do you folks think of corporations?

The Corporation
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4 thoughts on “The Corporation

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    It is very interesting to me that Fox continually enjoys the #1 rating in viewer ratings. Fox certainly has aired segments of various hosts’ shows that likely would have been better left on the cutting floor. However, there are a few repeating themes at Fox that I believe hit home certainly with conservatives and perhaps some moderates. These include, in no particular order:

    * smaller, less invasive government

    * pro-life stance

    * recognition of and promotion of Judeo-Christian values as a basis for morality and societal laws

    * promotion of parental rights

    * having courage to disagree with the ‘inteligencia’ of this country

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    It’s interesting to me that this is on THIS post, and not the one I posted recently about Fox. Inattentive worker on an astroturfing campaign perhaps?

    Number one rating out of cable news outlets is something akin to winning arguments on the internet. Just because you’re attracting a loyal audience making up something like 0.5% of the total population of your country, doesn’t mean you’re actually right about anything, or even espousing views that are positive or have any bearing on reality. Especially with regard to Judeo-Christian *anything*.

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    It seems to me that when issues considered to be right-of-center are raised, the approach of many left-of-center commentators is to not address the issues raised but to question the integrity of the concerned individual. This practice has been adopted by the current Obama administration as well. I believe that such dismissal of true issues is counterproductive and leads to distrustful feelings of the administration. It would be nice if all could get beyond such posturing.

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    I think I not only addressed your concern, but I also pointed out that you posted it in the wrong damn post. Yeah, I posted stuff about Fox. Two are on the front page. THIS ISN’T ONE OF THEM. You’ve never posted here before, and with as low of volume as I get, I don’t generally attract trolls except when I specifically link to articles on other people’s sites, and I haven’t done so with this Fox thing.

    You’re an astroturfer. Period. This isn’t a question of your integrity, it’s a statement.

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