Other blasphemers celebrating yesterday

In case you weren’t aware, yesterday was Blasphemy Day, a day of civil disobedience to laws protecting ideas over people. I wasn’t the only one celebrating the day. Here’s a short list of others that took it upon themselves to tell everyone that $CHOSEN_DEITY sucks ass.

DanJ at RelativelyUnrelated
Julie at Attempts at Rational Behavior
Mike Haubrich at Tangled Up in Blue Guy
Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds
Greg Laden at Greg Laden’s Blog
PZ Myers at Pharyngula
Jen McCreig at Blag Hag (who also represented at Purdue University!)
leguru at Stupid Evil Bastard
American Atheists at atheists.org
even Jesus and Mo themselves get into the spirit
Penn Jillette on Youtube (though those of us outside the USA will now have to circumvent Youtube’s country filters, as Crackle Media has decided the world consists of the USA.)

I’m sure I could never chronicle all of the blasphemy that went on yesterday, but these were some very notable entries. So much fun is to be had making fun of fictional characters! And it doesn’t even hurt anyone, unless you happen to take personal offense at your personal imaginary friend being insulted, at which point you might want to reassess your life priorities.

Other blasphemers celebrating yesterday
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