RCimT: Sex Lists

I’m not sure why there’s such synchronicity over the past few days with regard to sex lists suddenly popping up in my tabs via Twitter links and such, but I’ll take it as a sign from some divine power that I should make a blog post about sex lists!

First up: the 50 Greatest Cinematic Sex Scenes. I can’t agree or disagree with much of this list, as I haven’t watched nearly enough of them, but it’s put a few movies on my “to watch” list at least.

Here’s a brilliant little list of ten simple ways to prevent sexual assault. I can’t argue with the reasoning, either. If people would follow these ten rules, rape just wouldn’t happen, period.

I’m not much for Ayn Rand (no duh, you say collectively), but this list of 25 inappropriate things for an Objectivist to say during sex made me laugh heartily. For instance: “You selfish bitch! You greedy, selfish bitch! What? You don’t like my pillow talk?”

Then, there’s a list comprised of a whole ton of ways to have sex. What’s that? Not interested in gnawing off your own penis like a banana slug? Well, don’t worry, that list is just ways to have sex if you’re a member of a different animal species. Instead, you might like this other list of ways to have sex if you’re a human.

Happy Friday Fuck-day everyone! (Or Saturday Sex-day, or Wednesday Hump-Day, or whenever you read this.)

RCimT: Sex Lists