RCimT: Atheist readings

It’s Sunday, and you’ve inevitably had to deal with the faithful either in line at the coffee shop or getting stuck behind a line of them that are just getting out of service, or while flipping through the channels the remote’s battery dies and you have to get up to change the channel off the televangelist or “Sunday shut-in service” show it inevitably landed on. So how do you cleanse the palate after having to spend any sort of time with faith-heads?

Firstly, read this one at Daylight Atheism on how religious apologists go into apoplectic fits explaining away all the evil that God does, in a post entitled Defending Genocide.

Follow that up with a look at the full-page ad that the FFRF is using to spread awareness of the possibility of escaping your religious shackles.

Then check out CyberLizard’s coverage of the Great Faith Debate, and his follow-up.

Afterward, check out what a popular representative of the Baptist church really thinks about the idea of killing gays, abortionists and the President of the United States. And see CNN’s take on this interview.

At some point you should get a more international perspective, so read this Jamaican newspaper article about why atheists seem to give religion such a hard time all the time.

Or, perhaps, read a deconversion story, wherein the author lays out exactly why he has turned away from Christianity after having been brought up in the faith.

And to wash it all down, check out two fantastic posts about reducibly complex features of biology like the eye and the transporter inner membrane complex.

Hopefully that’ll bring your blood pressure down from having to spend time amongst the sheep. Have a wonderful day!

Update Sept 23: Oops. I broke an anchor tag. That’ll learn me for using the HTML posting mode primarily. And for not looking back for what, three days?

RCimT: Atheist readings