How far can you make it through this video?

I saw this on TLC originally, on some “Trading Spouses” show (or something — it was mostly just on after Holmes on Homes), and had to change the channel when this crazy Christian lady got put into a non-Christian household. I couldn’t even make it through the first minute — as soon as she screamed “SHE’S NOT A CHRISTIANNNNAAH!!!” I turned it off.

what I originally tried to embed

Dan pointed out it wasn’t embedding properly, nor was the one he embedded (gah), but I found this one that is edited that embeds:

Oh, and no fair turning the sound off, that’s cheating and means you’re so dark-sided.

How far can you make it through this video?

7 thoughts on “How far can you make it through this video?

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    I made it about halfway, though I’m not sure why I tried. Must be a masochistic streak. Self-righteous, prejudiced hypocrites for Jesus™ disgust me.

    Oh, it seems the embedding was disabled on it.

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    I found a different version that should stay embeddable:

    I also found an interesting reaction to this episode of “Trading Spouses”. The show is apparently from early November 2005. The blog post that really stands out for me is “A Christian Blog: Trading Spouses“.

    Some of the comments there are what you might expect from evangelical or fundamentalists christians, but most are quite disturbed by this raving woman who calls herself a christian.

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    Hahaha, the other couple were into hypnotherapy and astrology? Awesome. I think I just went into woo overload. Thanks for the proper video, now people will have to watch and won’t have the excuse of “it’s not embedded”.

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    Nope. Can’t do it. Train wrecks do not fascinate me, and I’ve seen enough of this (probably in teasers before it aired) to know better. I only ever skim what Zdenny says too.

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    Same here Stephanie, just can’t do it.
    I don’t even read what the troll says anymore either….. I’m not sure why Jason even tolerates him.

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