How It Went Down

(originally written by Jason on July 18, 2009)

The morning of the proposal, after I clicked my way furiously through to the final post and yelped when I finally clued into what was going on, I immediately posted the following:

Jodi wakes me up, where I’ve slept about two hours longer than her. “Hey Jason, I made you breakfast!”

More Star Trek eggos. I laugh.

She points to my laptop, says “there’s something weird on the internet for you.” Almost Diamonds is on a tab in Firefox.

Later, my eggos are now cold.

By immediately posted, of course, I mean “after I said yes”.

The link to Almost Diamonds above should, if I know my interwebs magic spell casting, take you to a mirrored copy of the original proposal trail as downloaded the day after it “all went down”. There are some comments in each of the threads for the time being, though I may scrub them out and give you a more “pure” sense of what I experienced when I was clicking from one big-name big-shot blogger to the next wondering what in blazes could have possibly earned me, a second-rate penny-ante comment troll, their attention en masse.

Please note that two links were originally broken in the original chain; they’ve been restored to their former glory, so this mirror should count as sort of a “director’s cut”. Navigate either by using the arrows in the top bar, or by clicking the “click here” links yourself for the Authentic Jason-Brain-Sploding ExperienceTM.

Stephanie Zvan, owner of Almost Diamonds, who masterminded these hijinks with Jodi, and is all around made of win, was so kind as to post another piece on her blog tying together the proposal trail and linking pretty well every place she found that had even the merest mention of our names in passing. I consider it the canonical master list, though I’m sure there’s well-wishing that even now has gone unnoticed in the Greater and Lesser Blogosphereohedrons. By all means, folks, let us know and we’ll post them as well.

Also, here’s a really cool image of the ScienceBlogs Last-24-Hours page when all the SB posts in the wedding trail were up. It’s a little creepy to see my own name up there so many times, and know they really ARE talking to me, rather than some other dude named Jason who actually has some import in these scientists’ lives. Well, creepy, but in a makes you smile wildly sort of way.

Click to actually see it, since you can't see squat in the thumbnail
Click to actually see it, since you can't see squat in the thumbnail

I will likely at some point in the future mirror all the well-wishers’ posts as well, to keep a record of it in case any of the sites are inaccessible at any point in time.

How It Went Down
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