Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde

I want these crocheted Pac-Man plushies desperately. I asked Jodi if she’d make them. She sighed and went to bed. That doesn’t seem like a good sign that she’s going to do so. They’re probably a shit-ton of work, so I can understand, but these guys are so cute.

wocka wocka wocka wocka
wocka wocka wocka wocka
Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde
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7 thoughts on “Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde

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    Is it sad that I’m geeky enough to be upset when the page that you linked to had the headline “Today’s geek crochet discovery: knitted Pacman and ghosts”? Make up your mind, folks. Is it crocheted or is it knitted? (Turns out that it’s crocheted.)

    I haven’t done any crochet in years (only tried knitting once and wasn’t fond of it). I’m not up on the stitch nomenclature, but they don’t look all that big. The toughest part is simply finding the time. Same problem with cross-stitch, but I’m a bit better at that.

  2. 2

    Haha, you linguistic prescriptivist. I agree, though… Words have meanings because we agree to them — and because it’s useful to distinguish between knitted and crocheted because they are totally different modes of creating similar objects.

    As part of the thank-you card package to PZ Myers, Jodi had crocheted a little doll (of what, I’ll not say, until he actually GETS the thing). It took her a long time to do. However, it was also extraordinarily cute — adorable, even. And if I were to have Pac-Man displayed prominently somewhere in the house, as made by my beloved, it would make me happy in an absurdly geeky way. I should be all manly and stuff, but I actually understand the appeal of cute stuffed animals as decoration — hell, I have a stuffed monkey next to my bedside lamp right now. Granted, I wouldn’t go overboard, like with the crazy fetishists or people who have a billion stuffed toys filling their houses, but as decorative accents, especially geeky ones like these, they’re great.

    Maybe I should post the picture in this original post. It’s looking a little bare, now that I look at it.

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    Sackboy from Little Big Planet, due to his natural appearance, is perfect for crafty reproductions. I may have to look into creating one when the winter months have me spending more time indoors (like I’m even outside very often when it’s warm!).

  4. 4

    My mother-in-law made my son a crocheted Mario. My wife did a little star from SMB and also a gingerbread man. For some reason my son absolutely adores playing with gingerbread men.

  5. 5

    I’ve got the teddy bear I was given when I was 1 (creatively named “Teddy”), who is missing an eye and sporting an eyepatch I crafted when I was a kid. I’ve also got my Ernie and Bert (both naked now and Ernie is missing an arm) as well as the sock monkey that was made for me as a small child. They chill up on the back of the piano. These stuffed animals formed the core of my group of friends as a child. Not too many humans in that list, hmmmm. Wonder what that means?

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    I don’t remember sighing and going to bed but maybe I thought you weren’t serious lol.
    I will make them for you if you get me the materials 🙂

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