I can’t believe this is happening

You don’t know how much it pains me to have to agree with anything Stephen Harper has done. He apparently slipped a Catholic host into his pocket at a funeral in New Brunswick — or disposed of it, or transsubstantiated it into air, the Youtube video (below the fold) is unclear.

(Sorry about the religious godbotting on either end.)

Sadly, I’m from New Brunswick originally, and I know exactly how hyper-religious the whole damn province is — even the lapsed Catholics are ten times more brainwashed than any practicing Catholic I’ve met here in NS. Even a very parallel situation that I recently discovered — Mark being exactly the same age as my dad, and being raised Catholic, and still having conservative tendencies, and having a gay daughter — turned out completely differently here in NS than it did in northern NB where I grew up. You see, Mark didn’t disown his daughter like my dad has apparently done with my sister, much less following up with disowning her brother for standing up for her.

Anyway, I wish I could congratulate Harper on a moment of clarity, on realizing that what he received was not actually a piece of Jesus Steak, but rather a small, tasteless, cardboard-like wafer of intentionally ambiguous contents, however I suspect he’s done it out of preference for another set of arbitrary Jesus-based rules wherein crackers are not turned into Godmeat.

You see, he’s apparently an Evangelical Christian, a fact that he’s suppressed studiously through his political career knowing that, in Canada, it is presently effectively political suicide to mix religion and politics. You can still believe whatever you want, but as soon as your religion comes up in any way in the public forum, you’re cooked.

If only America were so lucky to exist in such an environment. And if only Canada were so lucky to have a PM who believed at the very least in the reality of science like Obama, as that’s at least part the equation. The fact that Obama’s still a centrist and faithful Christian means you only have one out of three, whereas we have zero, but one is still way better than nothing.

I can’t believe this is happening