The ring, my precioussss!

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It fits all her criteria — no big flashy diamonds, had to be a gemstone (and she loves sapphire), had to be on white gold, and it had to be… budget conscious, let’s say. 50% off should count for that.

Plus Stephanie put together a compendium of all the links in this crazy chain, including where all the well-wishers said their piece.

And DuWayne weighs in on his losing the possibility of getting health care by marrying me. Poor heartbroken guy.

This is just so overwhelming. Seriously, I’m having trouble staying whelmed. Jodi too, she’s jumping from blog to blog going “*squee*”.

Party tonight for a friend’s graduation, must go get ready (and prepare food). Will probably be awake in time to stream / attempt to call in to Atheists Talk tomorrow morning. Hopefully!

Thanks everyone!

The ring, my precioussss!
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13 thoughts on “The ring, my precioussss!

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    Just wanted to say, as a Pharyngula-reader and former jeweler, I wholeheartedly approve. Sure, most of my work at the jewelry shop was more traditional diamond-in-yellow-gold kind of stuff, but for the engagement ring for my ex-wife back then (pardon the tense trouble), went with emerald in white gold. With, admittedly, a couple of little diamonds on the side.

    Or, in short: Let me add my *squee*!

  2. 3

    What a lovely ring! I, too, approve of your preference for sapphire and white gold instead of diamond and yellow gold. You have a ring with character.

    Seriously, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!111!!!!111!!!!!! w00t! May you happily grow and thrive together.

    P.S. Don’t mind DuWayne. He may be abjectly heartbroken over this cruel, cruel loss of his Canadian health care prospects. But even Canadian health care won’t ward off Cthulu, so he may as well learn to suck it up. 🙂

  3. 5

    It’s a beautiful ring. Back when I got married (lo, these many years ago), we went with sapphire as well, though it was set in silver, not white gold. Still, it’s a loverly combination of colors, and I must say that I’m quite impressed with the the cut…

    Of course, the fact that she finds it perfect in every way means a Hell of a lot more than anything I could ever say on the subject anyway.

  4. 7

    I didn’t start squee-ing myself, until I discovered the LOLcats at I Can Has Cheezburger. (And especially the occasional bunny picture there.) That did the job, though. I can now manfully squee with the best of them!

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    It is a lovely ring. Much, much lovelier than a whopping diamond. As someone whose only two gemstone rings sport sapphires (one blue, one black star), I heartily approve. You know, as though you care. 🙂

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