So the Sweden sign was fake. The real ad campaign is as bad.

A previous post I put up, with anti-atheist billboards, apparently had a photoshopped version of a real Answers In Genesis billboard, only with the words replaced. The revelation of such spawned an epic word-war (which I sadly missed) (which is apparently still ongoing! Put on some popcorn!) over at How Good Is That. The original ad campaign is honestly not much better. At least the Sweden one is more honest about its implications.

This is my way of saying, “sorry I got duped”. The point of the original post stands though. There’s a civility gulf, and it’s evident both in how atheists are willing to stand up for their beliefs against an oppressive majority with little care for how they are perceived, and in how that same majority is willing to paint the minority as incapable of morality (in other words, objectively evil).

Morality comes from wanting to do what’s right for a) yourself, and b) by extension society as well, since what’s right for yourself is to help maintain society. No man is an island, and all that. Without society to support us, we would fall, and that’s why atheists are capable of morals — just because people realize God is imaginary, doesn’t mean society is going to fall apart, because we all need society to keep living ourselves.

Yes, even you, you antisocial twerp. Unless you plan on raising livestock and tending a garden full of medical herbs (heh) someplace in the remote woods. And even then, good luck carrying out your particular genetic line if you’re living alone. Your genes die with you, and good riddance.

So the Sweden sign was fake. The real ad campaign is as bad.
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16 thoughts on “So the Sweden sign was fake. The real ad campaign is as bad.

  1. 4

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean that using it there is brilliant, and not that Hitler’s words are brilliant. 🙂

    Again, mad credz to DanJ.

  2. 8

    Unfortunately, yeah, after the BBC article mentioned at Greg Laden’s recently, and the “Darwin Was Wrong” bullshit, I’m a little too conscious of how easily innocuous statements can be reparsed.

  3. Jim

    What’s so sad is that you had to clarify that, so some brain donor doesn’t come along and go, “Ah see!! I told you atheists are all..” et cetera

  4. 11

    Yes, remember “Mein Kampf” every time some douchebag godbot tries to spin the “Hitler was an atheist” line. Got to keep the fundies in line, you know (of course, no offense intended toward the Bay).

  5. 15

    So what’s your major problem with single males?

    If you care to think a bit, you will notice that your genes are basically fully diluted within about four generations. Woo, I’m going to pass on my genes to make a world full of mini me. Why not have fewer children and make the world a far more pleasant environment for everyone? Plus the added bonus is that future generations would actually have some natural resources left.

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