A victory

I’ve had my head twisted about from all the discussion at Greg Laden’s and Stephanie Zvan’s, that I’ve been neglecting to post about something good that happened recently. A friend of mine (who can step forward and take credit if he wants) complained about a hideous transit ad and apparently got results, or at least his voice was added to the choir on it. Either way, this is a victory, however small.

Date: Fri, May 29, 2009 at 1:11 PM
Subject: Offensive Ad on Bus
To: [email protected]


I just want to contact you with regards to an ad on the side of one of your buses that I saw in Wolfville yesterday, May 28, 2009. it was an ad for the Yellow pages that stated something to effect of “ways to find a motel room before she changes her mind”.

I would like your reaction to my complaint before I take this to the next step. I find the ad so offensive that If I do not hear from your office within a reasonable time frame and I see it still posted on the bus I will take this objection to the media. Your counterparts in HRM will not run ads promoting alternative religious points of view, but it seems to be ok for our transit system to display an ad with a blatantly sexist message.

HRM is the Halifax section of our provincial transit system. Never mind that the CBC article linked has its title completely wrong, in that it’s keeping “No God” off its buses. I can’t find any pictures of this Yellow Pages ad, but Jodi’s seen it, and she was less than impressed herself. And she’s definitely not one to overreact to, well, just about anything. Far more level-headed than I am anyway.

Anyway, the Yellow Pages folks answered.

Good afternoon Mr. xxxx,

We took your feedback into consideration and I can tell you the ad in question will be removed from circulation within the next couple of weeks.

Best Regards,

Annie Dauphinais
Directrice Alliances – Communications marketing
Alliance Manager – Marketing Communications

16, Place du Commerce, Île-des-Soeurs, Québec, H3E 2A5
T 514 934-2613 M 514 702-1565 F 1 877 471-5775
www.ypg.com www.pagesjaunes.ca www.yellowpages.ca www.canada411.ca

Now I admit this could be a cop-out — e.g. they were only scheduled to run that bus ad for so long — but if his letter had any effect whatsoever, then way to go.

A victory
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    I should give credit to my friend Sara, she saw it first. Then she made us turn the car around and go back to make sure she saw it right LOL We were all rather unimpressed (Sara, myself, and the friend who wrote the email). I also have a problem with many of the church signs that get posted around here, or that shack out by work that has a sign saying ‘beware of pickpockets and loose women’……. maybe you should start blogging about crappy signs lol

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