That “best / worst cover songs” meme… pt 1

Okay. I was never officially tagged with this meme by any of my blogbuddies, but what’s a meme if it doesn’t spread of its own volition? Your challenge is to post the best and worst cover songs you know.

I’m, naturally, as is my particular idiom, going to go a bit further than this, and post a bunch of unknown covers that you need to hear (or probably already know and love), and some covers that you’ve probably heard and wish you could unhear. The good ones are below the fold, suckas.

First up is an amazing Youtube cover of Feel Good Inc.

And that was just one guy. Let’s see if the Foo Fighters can top this unknown with their cover of Band On the Run:

They won at about 1:25, after the very first riff of the first guitar solo. Okay, so who can top the Foo Fighters then? Wait, what’s that I hear in the distance? Is that a Michael Jackson song!? How the hell does THAT qualify as an awesome song? Oh, but that heavy guitar riff — it must be Alien Ant Farm!

I know, the recording version is better, but the live version was the only version I could embed… but still, I don’t know how it can get any better than that.

Uh-oh. Spoke too soon. Here comes a new challenger: the Man in Black, doing NiN’s Hurt. This song gives me shivers every single damn time I hear it.

Oh, and for good measure, since DuWayne posted a bunch of Hallelujah covers, I would be remiss (e.g. my girlfriend would scold me) if I didn’t post Tim Minchin (and Some Drunk Chick)’s version.

Now that you’ve seen my picks for best covers, post your own. I’ll be posting some worst covers soon enough. I of course reserve the right to post a few extra great covers in the comments if I come across them or realize I missed anything super-cool. It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want. Respect my authoritah!

That “best / worst cover songs” meme… pt 1

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    It would appear that normal users are filtered for HTML by default — I think I just configured it so logged-in users get unfiltered HTML access (meaning you could embed objects like Youtube videos), however this may be a bit of a security risk where it’s open-registration.  We’ll try this for a bit I guess.  No way in hell I’m opening unfiltered HTML to everyone though, or the next spammer that comes along could drop some nasty Javascript in an iframe.

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    Okay, I don’t think this will help for comments, but it will help with putting in the code for embedding (I use that word, but I’m not using the embed tag. I use the object tag on my blog for XHTML Strict compliance.) video objects from a variety of sites. Viper’s Video Quicktags is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily insert a video into a post from a number of video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, DailyMotion, etc. I think I’ll install it and see how it works.

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    I think this is my favorite version of this tune, which is a classic.

    Jane’s Addiction – Sympathy For The Devil

    P.S. Embeding still non functional.

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    Looks like gets beta code for the main codebase before we (those of us who self-host) do.  I could install the 2.8 beta, or I could wait for the full 2.8, and hopefully it’ll be included then.  Or I could try to download the 2.8 beta code and try to hack in that one feature (which is not beyond my ken, but seems like more effort than I want to put in right now).  Either way, if it bothers you guys super-much, I could go around editing in embeds for you.  On my own time, of course.

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    Okay, I just saw a post at the actual WordPress blog from 7 May of this year entitled Add YouTube and Polls to Comments which says you can now embed YouTube videos and PollDaddy polls are easily embedded in comments by pasting the permalink URL into the comment on its own line. I just tried it in the preview and it doesn’t appear to work. I’m assuming that the author is simply touting the new features being tried out in the development version of WordPress.

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    Not a problem for me. I’m happy just to post a link to one in comments now and again. I’ve also embedded a few more in another post at my place. The Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin seems to work quite well.

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    All right motherfucker, you are officially tagged – you too Dan – like outside of a mere comment thread…

    Fuck the Man!!!

    Canada Style!!!

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    Motherfucking Canadian!!!  (I love fucking Canadians – and Yoopers – the U.P. of Michigan, where you can visit Canada, without leaving the U.S.)

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    I wouldn’t go that far, but I have enjoyed a few Canadians…Technically only three, but I tend to think the two Yoopers that one night, at least count as one Canadian between them, if not two…

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