Rocket fish, burning out his fuse up here alone

I said I wasn’t going to get another tattoo after I got Megaman. But I’m seriously considering getting another, based on this:

Rocket Fish!  FOR SCIENCE!!!
Rocket Fish! FOR SCIENCE!!!

Or perhaps I’ll just go get a car emblem from those guys linked on that image. Click it to see some of their other cool stuff, including a Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem (may his noodly appendage touch your hearts, rAmen).

Rocket fish, burning out his fuse up here alone
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4 thoughts on “Rocket fish, burning out his fuse up here alone

  1. 2

    Well, you can get copies of the gene sequence for swine flu here.  This would be a good tattoo, I think:

    1 cactctgtta accttctaga agacaagcat aacgggaaac tatgcaaact aagaggggta
    61 gccccattgc atttgggtaa atgtaacatt gctggctgga tcctgggaaa tccagagtgt
    121 gaatcactct ccacagcaag ctcatggtcc tacattgtgg aaacatctag ttcagacaat
    181 ggaacgtgtt acccaggaga tttcatcgat tatgaggagc taagagagca attgagctca
    241 gtgtcatcat ttgaaaggtt tgagatattc cccaagacaa gttcatggcc caatcatgac
    301 tcgaacaaag gtgtaacggc agcatgtcct catgctggag caaaaagctt ctacaaaaat
    361 ttaatatggc tagttaaaaa aggaaattca tacccaaagc tcagcaaatc ctacattaat
    421 gataaaggga aagaagtcct cgtgctatgg ggcattcacc tcc

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