Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?

Not a day after Jodi shows me videos of mini horses and monkeys being trained as service animals, Bush’s administration (the DOJ specifically) goes and redefines service animal as “dog” for no other reason than out of sheer ignorance of the state of affairs of the real world.  I’m sick to death of the Bush Junta doing everything they can to make life harder for the unprivileged, the not-wealthy — you know, the opposite of the rich folks, Bush’s self-proclaimed “base”.

I’ll link to the videos as soon as I can find the specific videos Jodi showed me — they involve monkeys being trained to open jars, get things from the fridge, scratch your facial itches, and put DVDs into a DVD player and press play.  It’s seriously impressive what these monkeys can do, and I’m sure they’d be a huge boon for quadriplegics.  For Bush to take that away from these people is disgusting.

Pharyngula posted a discussion about it here, as well.  Oh well… at least this rule change also precludes the very possibility of a helper cuttlefish, meaning the Bush administration may just have saved humanity.  George Bush: Great President, or Greatest President?  …I’ll just put you down for Great.

Update: …oh.  Joke’s on me.   Jodi found those videos while reading previous entries on Culture Dish, the very blog I linked to above.  The consonance of being exposed to the video immediately prior to being shown an example of Bush administration stupidity still stands.

Anyway, here, have a video of a monkey.

Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?