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I have a ton of links to share on a bunch of disparate topics, all of which deserve their own proper post but honestly I’m still swamped.  It pains me to know that I am depriving you, my loyal readers, of my opinion on everything, because I know how some of you live and breathe for those opinions.  So, I’ll give a short blurb with each.  Savvy?  And as an added bonus game, you can guess who or what led me to each link, and I bet you’ll be surprised.  LET IT BEGIN!

Antivax darling Jenny McCarthy gets pissy about Amanda Peet rightly calling her and other anti-vaccination parents “parasites”.  Then the poll on this site swings suddenly and decidedly in Peet’s favour.  Go vote and increase her pain!  I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer to get my science from scientists, rather than Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.  Autism is not caused by vaccinations, period.  If you don’t get your kid vaccinated, you’ll break down herd immunity and rather than relying on the rest of the herd’s immunity to a disease (in a parasitic way, you see), you’ll end up causing the virus to mutate and infect us all anyway.  Way to go asshats!

Hot on the heels of Stephen Harper being found out for plagiarizing a 2003 speech in which he sounded the war horns on the charge into Iraq, he takes to the bully pulpit to declare that the “fundamentals of the Canadian economy are sound”.  Cripes on toast!  That’s like saying “what can possibly go wrong?”  You just don’t SAY things like this, especially after McCain got burned for saying damn near the same thing.  And anyway, Harper’s quickly proving that all he’s capable of politics-wise is subsuming Canada’s national identity into the rank and file of right-wing governments across the globe.  Canada used to lead on stuff, now we meekly follow.

Except on technology.  Some Canadian scientists came up with a CO2 scrubbing machine, which probably means that very shortly China will be buying a whole lot of tech kit from us.  Whether you believe the CO2 increase is anthropogenic or not (and I have to add this disclaimer every time I post about this stuff to avoid the expected rant by Bob — but we love ya, man, honest!), there’s a lot more CO2 in the air right now than there should be, by rights, given the amount of carbon-sinks that we’re destroying daily, including coral reefs, the Amazon, etc.

You need evaluation, so let the games begin!  For those of you who loved Dr. Horrible, The Evil League of Evil is now taking applications — no, seriously!  Put together a video now detailing your super powers and how evil you are, and if you can sing it, all the better.  Post it to Youtube and send them a link.  Make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he’ll make you his mare.

Per Pharyngula, Emma Darwin turns out to be a descendant of Our Sainted Chuck, and she’s an extremely talented writer — makes me wonder what I’m even pretending to do here.  Go check out her blog.

LHC doomsayer Walter Wagner got his cases — yes, the ones mentioned by Tankersley in an earlier post — thrown out of court for failing to realize that the US courts don’t have jurisdiction over Geneva, Switzerland.  EPIC FAIL.  Granted, Otto Rössler still has his cases pending, and since Tankersley seems to think the German biochemist knows more about physics than the physicists at CERN, obviously it’s going to take his failure or having been proved a nutbar before the Anti-LHC factions collapse.  How many goddamn safety reports do you need before you give up on inventing new end-of-the-world scenarios from whole cloth?  In the meantime, it’s looking like at least another two months for CERN to repair a minor electrical fault in a magnet that led to a major spill of liquid helium coolant.  This will delay the DOOOOOOOOOM for a bit, but it hasn’t stopped wonks from coming up with new and more inventive scenarios in which the world will be destroyed, such as the impossible Bose-Nova.

Oh, and it’s Debate-o-Mania 2008!  Sarah Palin bombs interview after interview (all three of which with Katie Couric — what, is she afraid to face anyone else?  Sad that all our hopes for exposure of Palin as incapable rest in she of the “some people say”…) in order to lower expectations for her upcoming face-off with Joe Biden, in which I expect Joe will be thorougly handcuffed — if he attacks her, he comes off as nasty and rude, and if he doesn’t attack her, he comes off as condescending.  It’s a no win situation.  He’s going to get smeared no matter what he does, and everyone will ignore the fact that Palin is thoroughly incapable and unfit to be anywhere near power.

In the meantime, Canada’s having a debate too — but it’s going to get thorougly overshadowed by the VP debate.  It got top billing in this blog, so who’s to say it won’t get top billing elsewhere in Canada?  I really am a lousy Canuck.  No matter what your views are, please get informed, watch the Canadian debate, and catch the Palin/Biden debates online later.  I’ll post links, don’t worry.  As for my own opinions, while I’d normally vote NDP, I’m throwing my vote this year to the Liberals — they may have gotten corrupt just like any other party in power, but the Conservatives are easily as corrupt in half the time.

Whaddaya think, does this make up for my lack of ability to post about any one topic in depth lately?

Super Linking Post!
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4 thoughts on “Super Linking Post!

  1. 1

    Hello Jason,
    If you are going to refer to me (Tankersley) then you invite my response below…

    I’m an idiot who, despite being warned that his posts would be edited to reflect reality, decided to post anyway. I surely do love being abused on blogs with readership of 5! At the same time, I am validating your existence by proving that Google is indexing your blog. I hope you enjoy this post and that it finds you in good health, and while I wanted to say something about the impossible Bose-nova, I’ve clearly forgotten what it was that I was going to say.

  2. 2

    No, Tankersley, this isn’t like Beetlejuice where referring to you makes you appear as though outside your own volition.  You don’t get a rebuttal.  Period.

    One of your “credible sources” got owned in court, and loons like you have come up with yet another impossible doomsday scenario, which you back up with the most spurious of links.  So your post gets modified.  Sorry!

    Here’s a link for you, on arXiv, which is peer-reviewed and pretty well scuttles any discussion of such a theoretical occurrence.  Thanks for playing.

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