Status bars stuck at 57%!!!

I’m going to try for a two-fer tonight, but I’m going to split the posts up, not only because they’re disparate topics, but also because I’m not 100% certain I’ll finish the second right away.  If not, oh well, I only have three or four regular readers still.  I think I’m putting in a phenomenal amount of effort given the size of my audience, and given that I’ve done nothing thus far to actually grow that audience beyond my “base”, that being people I actually know in real life.  Sure, the search engines are linking me a lot, and I link to other blogs frequently which generates pingbacks, but I’m small-time, a very specialized blog.  I don’t even do much actual Canada material, which is something I’ve been meaning to amend as soon as possible.  Either way, once I get a bit more audience, I’ll probably throw on a Google Ads block on the left column, which you can dutifully ignore.

The house situation is cruising along, but it still doesn’t feel real.  Jodi’s extremely frazzled by the lack of specificity with regard to the timetable of the final few pieces of the puzzle — the final inspection, the trading of money for papers, the keys — and I can’t blame her, but I’d prefer to just take the last two weeks as they come.  I have a U-Haul booked, phone and internet due to be hooked up along with power, all on the 18th, the closing date.  I go get the U-Haul at 7am, pack the truck as soon as humanly possible (with what looks like possibly just myself, ReformedYankee and Jodi at the moment, unless by some miracle anyone else manages to free themselves from their pre-existing appointments), get to the new place in time to meet with the power / internet / phone folks (noon-6), get some food into us all, and get the U-Haul back to the service station I rented it from.  Should be a slice of pie.

Especially since we have one less big appliance to deal with — I sold the dishwasher that I had, just last year, rescued for free from an ignominious death at a curbside during spring cleanup, repaired (replaced the power cord and added a seal that turned out to be unnecessary), having sold it for a decent $30.  I not only got a dishwasher out of it for a year, but I made $15 after the repair supplies.  Not a bad profit margin.

We’ve been packing Jodi’s mother’s things, though she can only move into her new apartment on the 13th, as that’s the soonest power can be hooked up.  Unfortunately we live near a university town, and that means near the start of school, the utilities get swamped with hookups.  We’ve already moved a bunch there, though, and are slowly dragging stuff (like dishes) up out of storage as we bring her stuff to the apartment.

Otherwise, life is going swimmingly.

Status bars stuck at 57%!!!

2 thoughts on “Status bars stuck at 57%!!!

  1. Me

    Huh, I just learned something. Or maybe I didn’t and you just wrote that to make others feel better. I always thought you were writing for yourself, like I do. But your blog intimates that you are writing for your readership. That’s actually rather selfless on your part.

    My entire website is written for myself and I just share it with the world. I have no idea if anyone even reads it or not and personally that doesn’t matter to me. My writing is a personal thing that I do because I enjoy it. Even the comments I send to you are because I enjoy the back and forth, which I miss to be honest. We are both passionate about things (although I feel you more so then me, but then I’m an arrogant asshole) and it’s interesting to debate things with you. The fact that we’ve both learned things is completely irrelevant to me, I just like having an intelligent opponent.

    Oh, Clifton, you aren’t included in this comment. Not at all.

  2. 2

    I’ll admit that yes, I am mostly writing for my readership, limited though it might be. As I said in an early post, I have a tendency toward falling out of touch with people. I’ve made a point of trying to get a link to this blog to as many of those lost contacts as I could manage, because in some slight way it makes me feel like I’m still in contact with them, even if not everyone comments.

    It also serves in some small part as an outlet for whatever annoyances du jour I come across, though. So there is some modicum of “writing for myself” in this.

    I appreciate that you feel as you do about our debates. I feel much the same. However, you’re likely selling my readers short. You know as well as I do that I tend to associate myself with people I consider intelligent, even if some of them might not be as likely as I to think about the specific things I do.

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