If you think the Earth is flat, you fail at life!

If you’re a Flat Earther, then you’re an idiot beyond comprehension.  Explain Antarctica being one land mass that you can see the entirety of by flying a plane high enough over, explain the sun not shining on all parts of the disc at once, explain the eccentric orbits of the planets and stars (which in the 4th century BCE, scientists had already figured out, in the context of a round earth!).    Honestly, you can’t, you’re wrong, and should shut the hell up.  That the BBC published this with only a very slight modicum of criticism is galling.

Why is it the media today has devolved to the point where being “fair and objective” means reporting both sides to the argument without pointing out how batshit crazy one side is?  “Conservatives say the noon sky is a yet unnamed variety of plaid which is quite similar to the MacGregor tartan.  Liberals disagree, pointing out that the picture they referenced shows a solid blue sky.”  All you have to do is keep repeating the crazy stuff until one day it comes up in a debate framed as, “Some people say that your inability to describe the sky as plaid shows your liberal bias.  What do you say to that?”

But of course we all know reality, like the media, has a well-known liberal bias.  Some days I’m tempted to give up in the face of such a daunting task as to fend off the sheer stupidity that exists today.

If you think the Earth is flat, you fail at life!

9 thoughts on “If you think the Earth is flat, you fail at life!

  1. Me

    Of all the crap to blog about in the planet, you pick this? Genocide being committed 60 years after WW2. Religious intolerance demanding the deaths of people who disagree with THEIR version of god. Males killing females for some fantasy vision of honor. Governments wasting billions of dollars on “studies” into things that most people already know are problems. Supposed scientists urging governments to declare CO2 a “toxic” gas when every person that has even read about plant reproduction knows CO2 is a gas that plants can NOT live without, and that declaring it toxic is akin to declaring fresh vegetables “dangerous to your health”.

    All of this out there and you pick on people who believe in a flat earth? This doesn’t beg the question why, this screams “Jason has missed his meds and is licking the moisture from the windows in the car again”. Picking on people who believe the earth is flat is on the same level as picking on the kids who require helmets to go out and play. They think they are the same as everyone else and pointing out that they aren’t is just mean.

    Damn tibo, next you’ll be kicking old dogs just because they won’t remember you did it tomorrow.

    Come to think of it, this newer meaner you could be fun. Carry on.

  2. 3

    Hoax accomplished! I’m thoroughly fooled into believing that you not only read my blog, but also read the articles to which I link, by virtue of your cunning ability to make reference to the subject matter and even lift turns of phrase and specific sentences wholesale from it, in context. Now that’s dedication to your craft, sir, and I applaud it.

  3. 5

    Bob — I saw it on the BBC and it made me seethe with rage. You’d no more go ask those helmet-kids for scientific advice than these flat-earthers, nor would you put it on your ostensibly news-oriented website. So yeah, I’m kicking a retard. But I’m mostly kicking the people that gave those idiots a voice, an equal say in the media. It’s symptomatic of a bigger problem — that the media filter, as it exists now, does not serve to represent reality. It serves to represent that which the media companies want people to believe, which is why they don’t ever report anything critically unless it comes from a liberal.

  4. Me

    Normally I wouldn’t bother to point this out. The reason is that most people simply to refuse to accept that what i am telling them is right. The reason why they refuse differ but at the end of the day they simply can’t grasp the enormity of my statements. However I like you and I’m hoping you will grasp what I am saying as real and honest.

    There is no liberal bias or conservative bias in the media. Never has been, and never will be. The bias in the media has to do with whatever sells. All media sources, ALL OF THEM, are a for-profit business. They will do whatever they have to do to make money. The bias they show has everything to do with their target audience. The target audience is chosen by the people who run the media outlets. How do they chose this? Advertising. Why do they do this? Money. Now comes the part that no one believes. Who spends the most money on advertizing? That’s easy it’s the governments. Don’t believe me? Well the next time you;re reading or listening or watching, start keeping track of the number of Public service announcements pops up or the number of government adds aimed at “educating” you that get shown.

    Which brings me to the point I actually want to make. How does a magician perform his magic without you seeing? He uses distraction in the form of a pretty assistant that makes flashy movements and gestures. Now you’re shaking you head and muttering “what the hell are you talking about?” How would a government keep the people from learning things that they want kept quiet? They distract you with bullshit that will simply irritate the hell out of you with it;s stupidity.

    Who can actually tell me what is going on in Somalia? Or Darfur for that matter. I mean really tell me what is actually happening there in exact terms? Well in Somalia they are committing piracy to the tune of millions of dollars a month. Did you know the French recently sent in a team to capture a group of pirates? Probably not and that’s what the governments are counting on. They feed you crap through the media outlets and you get pissed off and some will even blog about it. This means that the truly important stuff gets ignored. Like the fact that companies are paying off Somalia pirates every single month to rescue ships and crew that have been hijacked and that none of the western governments are really doing anything to stop it.

    And the BBC is totally funded by the UK government so they do as the Government wants.
    Here in Canada it;s the CBC. In the US, well hell there you can buy anything you want if you have the money and the government certainly knows that. And if you can’t be bought? Well you can always be convicted of a crime and tossed in jail then.

    So Jason, I hate to tell you this, but you, a person that hates conspiracies so much, have just become part of a massive world wide one. The misleading of the people by the media outlets. Your blog only serves to illustrate how well the distraction is working.

  5. 7

    Wow. All that to tell me what I already knew, that the media is basically the mercenary of today’s “culture war”, willing to put up that which gets ratings (e.g. the “horse race” narrative that keeps an election that should be desperately one-sided, going, despite all odds).

    I hate to tell you this, but my “reality and the media has a well known liberal bias” was dripping with so much sarcasm it’s a wonder it didn’t make the digital ink bleed. “Reality has a well known liberal bias” was Stephen Colbert’s riff off the Republicans’ constant refrain that “the media has a liberal bias” despite all evidence to the contrary. (And I don’t mean evidence that the media is biased toward the Republicans — I mean it’s biased toward money and ratings. Well, except for the Fox News Channel, which could rightly be renamed PRAVDA.)

    My good friend — you get a WHOOSH for this one flying over your head.

  6. Me

    Actually it didn’t fly over my head. My entire post was pointing out that you just became part of the conspiracy to blind people to what’s going on around them. In fact both of us did. You wrote a post and commented on it, twice. In effect the media has wasted our time and energy getting us writing about meaningless drivel. So the only ones that have scored any points here are them.

    Now while I know you understand the medias role in todays world, do your readers? Somehow I don’t think that all of them put as much thought into things as you do. And for the average American stumbling across your page, well they might be completely lost by some of the symbolism in your writings. I believe you give the common surfer people too much credit for being able to understand what you write.
    I’m sure there will be those that take offense to what I’ve written and to those that do I simply say: You didn’t get what Jason was saying and I was commenting on. If you did then you wouldn’t be offended. If you are offended then you are part of the problem we are discussing and I’m sure there are some windows in your house that need licking so go, run away from the big bad internet, and get them.

  7. 9

    I agree that their function in all of this is quite simply to distract people from what’s going on around them, but I don’t know how much of that is specific intent and how much is a side-effect of their single-minded focus on the ratings grab. If it’s their specific intent to distract (and there is definitely one news network in the States we can accuse of that), then they’re complicit in the criminal craziness going on in this world at the highest levels, and we’re helping them with keeping the distraction going. If they’re not doing it specifically, and it’s just a side-effect of the ratings focus, then I think we have every right to rant and rave about how stupid the whole media is being.

    And that comment about you selling my readers short on thoughtfulness in the other post I replied to tonight, should have gone here instead.

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