Seven days after the World Trade Centre attacks, two Democrats who were in the process of trying to prevent the PATRIOT Act from passing, and several media sources, received letters laced with anthrax.  22 people developed anthrax infections; five people died.  These anthrax lacings were nearly pure, highly refined dry powder — “weaponized”, in other words.  The letters were intended to imply that a foreign Muslim was responsible, with “Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is great” written on them.

The letters were sent to Ft. Detrick, Maryland, a US Army research facility, where they were ostensibly found to contain trace amounts of bentonite, a chemical used in Iraqi biogenic weapons research.  This is then used as smoking-gun evidence (in the form of a deadly mold spore, I suppose) to link Saddam Hussein and Iraq to the attacks, and ultimately, to conflate the 9/11 attacks with terrorism in general.

The catch is, they didn’t contain bentonite, this information was given to ABC News and they reported it as though it had come from “four well placed” but naturally unnamed sources.  In 2007, ABC finally admitted that these samples did not contain any bentonite at all.

The FBI has been investigating these attacks, despite everyone else having since forgotten all about them and their role in the instigation of the Iraq war; at one point, suspecting heavily Stephen Hatfill then subsequently exonerating him in March 2008 and settling a lawsuit he had filed for $5.8 million.   Fast forward to present day, the Justice Department was apparently prepared to accuse one Dr. Bruce E. Ivins of committing these attacks.  One Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, top anthrax researcher at Ft. Detrick, who in 2003 received a Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service for having assisted in creating a vaccine against anthrax.  One Dr. Bruce E. Ivins who turned up dead on July 29th, 2008, of an apparent suicide by overdose on Tylenol with Codeine.  I say apparent, because for all we know, he may have been killed to keep him quiet, and of course you must realize he is innocent of these attacks until proven guilty.  This doctor however is very likely one of ABC’s “well placed sources”, though that’s mere speculation at this point, because ABC is playing this close to their chests.  I daresay it’s because of complicity in what amounts to a treasonous false flag attack on America in order to drum up support for the Iraq war.

Read more at Glenn Greenwald’s blog: Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News.

This is where the “j’accuse” part comes in.  I accuse the Bush Administration of not only complicity, but of direct responsibility for these anthrax attacks in an effort to create reasons to go to war.  This isn’t the only false flag operation carried out by the Bush administration, in my eyes, either.  See the trumped up 2008 Strait of Hormuz incident where ostensibly Iranian speedboats attempted to provoke an American destroyer into firing upon them, then cross-reference Dick Cheney’s casus belli brainstorming session regarding putting US soldiers in Iranian gear on Iranian speedboats and having them shoot at American ships.  (Thankfully cooler heads prevailed on this one, and the Americans didn’t fire on the speedboats despite comically threatening radio messages like “I am coming at you, you will explode in [static] minutes”.)

I’ve never been a “9/11 Truth” squad member, having always believed that the administration had failed in a shockingly spectacular fashion on 9/11 but not being directly responsible for it.  I’m starting to rethink that position.  Considering what else we now know was lies, I wouldn’t be surprised if new evidence directly linked the Usual Suspects to 9/11 itself.

I hope to see every member of that administration one day frogmarched out of The Hague.

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2 thoughts on “J’accuse!

  1. Me

    To anyone who actually believes the US governement had anything to do with the 9/11 attack I have only one thing to say to you.

    You don’t get to have it both ways.

    By that I mean you can’t calmly sit there and state that the government was behind the whole thing then on the next topic say that the entire administration is criminally stupid. Either the bush administration is one of the smartest every run in that they managed to stage the largest ever attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor without even one single person involved getting caught; or they are far to stupid to have dreamed any of this up.

    A true conspiracy is one in which very few people are involved who actually know what is going on. Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy. There is evidence that the FDR administration knew that there was going to be an attack and did nothing to warn the military in order to get into the war. That’s a conspiracy. The Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 that LBJ used as a reason to escalate the Vietnam war is another conspiracy. The falsely inflated price of oil by speculates and investors is another conspiracy. All of these have one thing in common, the numbers of people involved are extremely low and the conspiracy, even if it got found out, has no real criminal consequences to those involved.

    But 9/11? Anyone stupid enough to be in on that would be shot resisting arrest by the police long before they ever got to court. Some things you can get away with and some you can’t. Bottom line is that any action can either be pulled off by a few very willing to die individuals or it requires an army. Study military history to see what I mean. The 9/11 attacks were not carried out by the US government. They don’t have anywhere near the smarts needed to pull off a job like that. Canada on the other hand, we could have done that with 6 guys, a keg of beer, and a long weekend. But then we know how to do things quietly. The US? They do things very loudly.

    Oh and nearly 4 years ago the two largest oil companies on earth locked in their purchase price of oil for 5 years at about $55 a barrel. It was in the news but no one remembers it. They are buying the oil at that price and reselling it to the rest of the world at spot prices and that’s why they are making the profits they are making. So either they knew oil was going to go up, or they helped it. Now that’s an elegant conspiracy.

  2. 2

    Okay, so I’ll step back from my bitter “maybe the 9/11 Truth wonks are on to something” last paragraph. But the rest is showing a pattern of evidence that both the Iraq war and several attempts at a casus belli to get America into another war with Iran are trumped up, created by an administration hellbent on causing chaos in the Middle East.

    As for the anthrax comment in the other thread — they have evidence that the weaponized anthrax came from Ft. Detrick.

    Besides, I have called Bush himself stupid, even if all I meant is that he’s not a particularly eloquent or rational person. I believe him to be a criminal moreso, and his entire administration is a reflection of his criminality.

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