100 Facts About Me (Part 3): Being a Godless Pervert, the Cult of the D20, and Fishnet Stockings

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And now we’ve passed the halfway point; this one officially takes us to the three-quarters marker. This includes a few facts on becoming an atheist, being a Godless Pervert, how good I look in fishnet stockings, and my favorite tabletop RPGs.

  1. I prefer cats to dogs, but my partner is allergic. Que sera, sera.
  2. When I was growing up, one of my most pervasive fears was that my cat would get eaten by the coyotes in the hills behind our house. If I couldn’t find our cat in the house after it was dark, I would start to panic.
  3. Possibly the most influential work in helping me become an atheist was Mark Twain’s “Letters From the Earth,” which savages the hypocrisy of Christianity in a way that was foreign to me, but very welcome. I read it when I was in 9th grade.

  4. The other work that really helped me articulate my reasons for atheism was Bertrand Russell’s “Why I Am Not a Christian.” It’s a classic for a reason.
  5. It was a long, rocky road from those initial insights to openly identifying as an atheist. In between 9th grade and my late college years, I experimented with just about every religious/spiritual option I could find. None fit, and I often felt like I was the problem — a misanthropic asshole who would accept one of those things if I weren’t so cynical and unloving.
  6. I credit Dawkins’s The God Delusion not with making me an atheist, but with helping me own the identity. He’s since shown himself to be the Palpatine of Organized Atheism (without the Force Lightning), but I can at least credit the man with that much.
  7. All of these works attracted me to atheism because they seemed to aspire to a more humane world, challenging bigotry and injustice in all its forms. If you’re not for social justice, why would you want to be an atheist?
  8. I really do believe that non-religious, non-spiritual solutions to problems trump religious ones. I can still be respectful of my friends and loved ones who believe though. I especially despise the use of atheism as an excuse for xenophobia and racism. (Looking at you, Messrs. Dawkins and Harris.)
  9. I’d love to see religion move out of the public sphere, but I have no interest in de-godding my language like some atheists. It took me years to get comfortable with “saying the Lord’s name in vain,” and I’m not giving up the right to say “Jesus FUCKING Christ” when things go cockeyed that easily.
  10. I first got on the Internet in about 1993, using the computers in the lab at San Francisco State University. If you know my first email address, you can still find my (somewhat embarrassing) USENET posts in some databases. Porn was made out of ASCII characters in those days. It looked kind of like this:
    Girl-Girl kissing scene made of ASCII characters.
  11. I learned a lot of my early ideas about sexual health and ethics from USENET, especially the alt.sex groups.
  12. There are naked pictures of me on the Internet from a sex party I attended in San Francisco in about 2000. Good luck finding them, though.
  13. I first met Greta Christina online in the 1990’s when we were both using the same BBS. My handle was “Kilgore Trout.”
  14. Along with Greta Christina, I’m co-founder of Godless Perverts, a group for atheists, humanists, and other non-believers who are interested in sexuality and social justice. We have meetups twice a month in the Bay Area and hold readings called “The Godless Perverts Story Hour” about two or three times a year.
  15. I look awesome in fishnet stockings. Better in fishnet stockings and harness boots. Fishnet stockings and harness boots with a kilt is a home run.
  16. If point #65 wasn’t a hint, yes, I’m both kinky and poly. What kind of kinks I have are always up to negotiation.
  17. I have complicated feelings about trigger/content warnings that don’t really fit well into the heavily polarized discussion about them right now. The tl;dr version is that yes, I will use them when appropriate, but I try to use them sparingly so that they don’t lose their punch. However, I also try to include clear headlines and summaries for my pieces.
  18. Cover of Unknown Armies, Second Edition by Greg Stolze and John Tynes
    In this electronic age, I’m still a fan of tabletop role-playing games. I find D&D pretty tedious because of its over-elaborate combat system, but love games that are more open-ended and devoted to storytelling. Favorites include Paranoia, Unknown Armies and Call of Cthulhu. (I favor a pretty dark and modern tone.) I’m looking forward to trying Over the Edge, the FATE system, Fiasco, and Victoriana.
  19. Most of my gaming in high school was a superhero RPG called Champions. There was little character-building, and much shooting of energy beams and hitting super-villains.
  20. If you happen to live in the Bay Area and would like to talk about some queer-friendly, low-crunch gaming, let me know.
  21. You can often find me in one of the many Bay Area cafes working on my laptop computer and wearing headphones.
  22. I really need a new laptop. This one is a Macbook from 2008.
  23. My current laptop has an awesome collection of stickers on it, and I’ll miss them when I finally replace this one.
    Red Laptop cover with stickers that say "I [heart] sex workers," "Nerds Fuck," "NSFW," "Wicked Grounds," San Francisco Sex Information," and "Smart Sex."
  24. Maybe my favorite Bay Area hangout is Wicked Grounds, the kink-themed cafe in San Francisco. Godless Perverts has one of our monthly meetups there, but I recommend it in any case. Not only is it a great place to hang out with fellow perverts, but they make the best waffles and milkshakes in the area.
  25. I have a long history of writing about Wicked Grounds. I wrote about their opening, then the heartbreak of their closing, then the relief of having them re-open.
100 Facts About Me (Part 3): Being a Godless Pervert, the Cult of the D20, and Fishnet Stockings

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      I say go for it. I’m very curious to see how other peoples’ lists turn out, especially new neighbors like yourself that I’m just getting familiar with. Based on the stuff I’ve seen so far on your blog, I’m really going to enjoy hearing your voice.

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