What I Read

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Please note that listing does not equal whole-hearted endorsement. Also, many of these blogs fall under more than one header. If one of them is yours and you think it belongs elsewhere, please feel free to drop me a line.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended reading for those who aren’t sure where to start. This is based on frequency of updates, coverage of news, uniqueness of perspective and focus, and number of issues covered rather than my personal relationship/feelings or lack thereof with/about the author(s).

Atheism & Secular Humanism

General Skepticism & Science

Education & Parenting

Feminism, Gender, & Trans Issues

Race & Intersectionality

Classism & Class Issues

General Social Justice & Politics

Desi / Subcontinental

Anti-Ableism, Disability Issues, & Austism

Body-Positivity & Health At Every Size

Fashion & Beauty


Islam & Ex-Muslim

Queer / LGBT

Dating, Sex, & Sexuality

Personal / Assorted

Last Updated 11/10/2014

3 thoughts on “What I Read

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    My fellow FtBers (see blogroll above)

    Er, you might want to update that and mention The Orbit bloggers (as well as?) here! (Feel free to correct then edit accordingly here.)

    Might also be more specific as to which one’s you spend more time reading given there are quite a lot of different blogs – some being a lot more active than others. (I miss Zingularity, sigh.)

    Also do you read Greg Laden’s blog(s), Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy and /or Peter Sinclair’s / Greenman3610’s ‘Climate Denial Crock of the Week’ blogs at all? I didn’t see them listed but they are among my faves so I wondered .. ?

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