Skepchick, FtB, Now The Orbit? A Blog Drama FAQ

Oh, when people try to instigate blogger drama.

It is a truth universally recognized among SJWs that when a group of people whose most visible members are not cis and/or straight and/or white and/or men, those people will be defined by assholes by the most proximate cis hetero white man.

This was demonstrated yesterday in a most, dare I say, unfriendly way:

I’m speculating here, but I suspect at least some of the Orbit writers are heading to the new site in part to get out from under [PZ’s] shadow and away from his burn-all-bridges reputation. Maybe I’m wrong.

Aside from the statement being at least somewhat internally contradictory (wouldn’t leaving a whole blog network exclusively due to a single person be burning your bridges with him?), it betrays a lack of imagination and understanding that I find is relatively common among those those unfamiliar with how blog networks work (or who feign ignorance in service of ulterior motives).

As someone who has been a significant contributor at Skepchick and Freethought Blogs as well as is among the co-founders of this site, I want to clarify some things that aren’t always clear to outsiders, whether they are sea lions or not. Continue reading “Skepchick, FtB, Now The Orbit? A Blog Drama FAQ”

Skepchick, FtB, Now The Orbit? A Blog Drama FAQ