Beauty Level-Up #3: Waterlining

a blue eye with its lower waterline outlined in yellow
The part that is outlined in yellow is the lower waterline.

How do you line your waterline without discomfort?

This is where my teenage years of awful makeup come in handy. The first makeup I wore regularly was very stereotypically Desi: black-black smudgy eyeliner in my bottom waterline. The evidence is in my passport photo, in which I look, well, you can see for yourself how rock-wannabe I appeared below the jump.

The results may have looked terrible, but in the long term, the habituation means that I can poke a pencil near my lower eyeball without flinching or blinking very much.

Aside from habituation, there are three other factors to consider when it comes to waterlining.

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Beauty Level-Up #3: Waterlining

Beauty Level-Up #1: Confidence

This is post 2/4 of an October Friday series leading up to Halloween.

As I simply adore writing about beauty, I figured I could do an occasional (weekly, if it works out that way. #FemmeFriday?) post about it called Beauty Level-Up.

I used to be fairly uninterested in cosmetics outside of eyeliner and maybe some quick eyeshadow and mascara if I was feeling fancy. As I’ve gotten older and more femme, I’ve been enjoying setting little beauty goals for myself and working towards them. It’s very RPG-like for me: I enjoy attaining the goals, but I know I will never quite run out of them. Also, I like finding good bargains — or at least products worth my dollar — and I love finding ways to startle myself with my own face. Everyday cosplay, if you will.

Without further ado, the matter of the week.

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Beauty Level-Up #1: Confidence

A Break-Up Make-Up Tutorial

Inspired by. 

a selfie of Heina with the tutorial makeup applied to her face
Make-up, what make-up? Who’s made up? You’re made up!

It never feels good to get dumped, but even if there’s no chance of you getting back together, you can “make up” in other ways. If looking good makes you feel good, here are some tricks to help you go from feeling dumpable to humpable — or at least to help you look better than you feel. You can trick people — especially your ex — into thinking that you’re doing fine, but also that you aren’t trying too hard. This “I don’t care, but somehow I appear perfect” look, often called the “natural” look, takes a lot of work and time, so be sure you’re feeling that whole “I’m a strong independent bad-ass” thing.

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A Break-Up Make-Up Tutorial