Flash Fiction’s Fashion Equivalent: #FlashCosplay Toph

Despite my fondness for cosplay, I am not much of a crafty / sewing type. I mean, I can mend a button or a small hole quite adequately, but the idea of creating a costume from scratch Mad Art Lab style intimidates me. I personally don’t like the idea of buying a ready-made costume from either a budget or philosophical perspective (for people my size or above, even pricey ready-made costumes often fail us). Without the budget to commission from-scratch pieces from more talented and skilled people, this leaves me with the assembly option.

Usually, I keep my eye out for characters whose signature looks can be assembled out of streetwear with minimal fuss. The required elements of those characters’ looks goes into my mental list of things to look out for when I’m doing my usual bargain-hunting-style clothes shopping. I also save searches across Amazon, Etsy, and eBay in my hunt for specific costume elements at a decent price.

That’s not what happened yesterday, when I found out that official Korrasami fan art was going to be sold for charity at a gallery about 30 miles away from me. Obviously, I was not only going to get my ass there, I was going to not pay the $5 admission fee and cosplay instead.

Many nerdy and geek-type events and spaces have flash fiction competitions. I was going to flash cosplay this thing or die trying. Continue reading “Flash Fiction’s Fashion Equivalent: #FlashCosplay Toph”

Flash Fiction’s Fashion Equivalent: #FlashCosplay Toph