A Caturday Introduction to Foster Feline Fridays!

Good meowning! Or caternoon, or evemewning, depending on where you are and what your sleep/wake schedule feels like.

Since May of last year, my spouse and I have been the proud foster parents of over two dozen cats and kittens, all through a wonderful local no-kill org by the name of Stray Cat Alliance, which does direct rescue as well as advocacy work. In that time, we’ve learned quite a bit as well as have taken hundreds (no exaggeration) of photos and dozens of videos of our little feline friends. I have been regularly posting many of these to Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks to fosters ranging from our longest-term adult, Duchess, to the tiny four-week-old black kittens we just took in a few days ago, we have a lot to show and say about taking care of animals of the lion-like persuasion.

That is why I am dedicating Friday to my foster felines. From next Friday onward, look for a cute but also informative post about kitties.

A Caturday Introduction to Foster Feline Fridays!