Torture & Eugenics (& a Self-Care Kitten)

Content notice for mentions of sexual assault, racism, and torture.

This post is short and sad and there is no optimistic spin at the end, though I have provided a kitten with a pretty cool nose that you can scroll past all the text to see.

A chalkboard with "ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE" written on it


You have been warned.

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Torture & Eugenics (& a Self-Care Kitten)

What Exactly Does “Skeptic” Mean Anymore?

Last night, Mark Oppenheimer, the same journalist who wrote the New York Times piece about EXMNA that featured Sadaf and myself, posted a piece about Michael Shermer. It includes the names of three of those speaking out against Shermer’s treatment of them, one of whom is Ashley Miller, my fellow FTBer and my friend, of whom I am so proud for speaking out.

Stephanie has posited some important questions that we should be asking ourselves in the wake of this. My question is sparked by how this news comes on the heels of another unfavorable tidbit about Shermer: that he came out quite warmly in defense of none other than noted right-wing quack Dinesh D’Souza. “High in regard”, “forthright”, “honest”, “unfailingly fair”, “genuine”… you’d almost think they were friends. And as it turns out, Shermer thinks so.

Add to that the fact that many self-identified skeptics, especially those in my local skeptic community, have vehemently defended convicted fraudster Brian Dunning, and I wonder what the point of the “skeptic” movement is anymore.

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What Exactly Does “Skeptic” Mean Anymore?