For Instant Pooh-Poohing, Just Add Sex

A few months ago, I visited a doctor for reasons utterly and completely unrelated to my reproductive status and health, unless you view all nulliparous women as potential mothers: it was to renew a prescription. After he had asked me all of the relevant questions and I was approved, he decided to tack on a warning, one that I had heard before, about how I should not use the medication if I were nursing, pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant. I laughed and said that said situation was as close to impossible as it could get for me.

I don’t know what reaction I expected — an answering laugh, perhaps. What I didn’t expect was for him to give me a stern lecture on how no measures could totally preclude pregnancy as a possibility and that no matter how careful I was, “something could still happen.”

Is there any other area of life where safety measures are so underhyped?
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For Instant Pooh-Poohing, Just Add Sex