Help Spread the Heinousness

You can choose to give without specifying for what I should use the money or may choose to earmark the funds. I promise to use them as requested as long as the request is legal and reasonable. I also will rarely turn down the offer of a meal and/or drink offered in good faith at a conference. Additionally, on months when I find myself with unexpected windfalls, I tend to pay it forward and help out people in immediate need.

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The Whys and Hows

Starting February 2013, I was gratefully and gainfully employed full-time. However, the years preceding this time in my life were marred by financial disowning, unsympathetic financial aid counselors and an unhelpful student financial aid system, unsavory small business owner bosses, and a graduation year smack dab in the middle of the recession. In addition to scrambling to play catch-up after 4 years of deferred student loans and severe un- and under-employment (including several sudden layoffs), I support my spouse, Danny, whose chronic disabling pain has been determined by the government to be not that bad; due to a combination of institutionalized classism and ableism, I am the only reason he is no longer hungry and homeless.

I also do a lot of unpaid work in writing, speaking, and advocating.

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