SLAPP: The Spookiest Story

I was happy that the spirit of creativity inspired me to write yesterday. I used to be able to blog so often. A lot of what took the wind of out my sails can’t be helped — increased job duties, the loss of a friend and colleague, the sexual assault of a friend by someone who I used to consider a friend and colleague, the death by a million papercuts that is openly existing on the Internet as I am.

There is one aspect of my demoralization that can be helped. Being sued by (yet another) someone I used to consider to be a friend and colleague sucks. Please share our network’s fundraiser to continue to fight against an alleged feminist free speech advocate’s attempt to silence anyone who says something he doesn’t like. If you are able to, contribute.

For all the anti-SJW blathering about how  analysis, criticism, and discussion of social justice in society is censorship, a true threat to free speech is lawsuits designed to exhaust people into giving in and silencing themselves.

Defense against Carrier SLAPP Suit (GoFundMe)

SLAPP: The Spookiest Story
The Orbit is still fighting a SLAPP suit! Help defend freedom of speech, click here to find out more and donate!

One thought on “SLAPP: The Spookiest Story

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    A lot of us are still reeling in paralysis from the literal blitzkrieg advance of modern fascism, and in the atheo-skeptic community, we theoretically should have been more emotionally prepared because our friends and colleagues were part of the embryonic nucleus of that movement. We were exposed before the general public was.

    But still, it’s endless shocking and demoralizing. I oughtta get the fundraiser up in my sidebar, but I’d have to read about how to do a thing, and I don’t feel up to it. And I’m a defendant too, aren’t I?

    Mad respect, comrade.

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