Round-Up #6 of Search Terms

Inspired in no small part by the grand tradition of Captain Awkward.

In which we discuss Islam and dating and sex a whole lot, reference South Park, and bemoan the phenomenon of anti-theist rebels with a cause.

do muslims eat a girl out

Oral sex in Islam is highly disputed, but hey, when did followers of any religion follow all of its rules anyway? Get yours.

can muslims go on double dates

Speaking canonically, sure, if the couples in question are married. Speaking realistically, plenty of unmarried Muslims do.

can a muslim man date a non muslim with a baby

Yes, though marrying her might mean issues with his family.

mom and dade sex in night full hfmm

Did I slip into the Freudian part of the Internet without realizing it?

are muslims to avoid going out at dark

My cousin told me that you shouldn’t go out at Maghrib time (late sunset into nightfall), especially not under trees, because of jinns, and claimed her dad had been “beaten up” by one. Later, I asked her mother about it, and she said that no such thing had happened. Another family elder claimed I must have misunderstood my cousin and explained that it was due to reduced oxygen levels, which is a myth like that of the jinns. There are allegedly ahadith that back this up, though they seem like weak justification for an outright ban.

wolves surrounding a woman

Red Riding Hood fetish?

satans satans girl fetlife

satan photo

Searching for things on Fetlife through Google is a bad idea. A friend told me that. I clearly know nothing about any of this.

desi beauty young ladies images

Dude, there have been at least a zillion Indian Ms. Universes. Why the generic search?

in islam which way do i have to follow to make my panis tick and harder

Sharia-compliant penis enlargement? I looked it up and of course there are Islamic rulings on penile enhancement: The surgical kind is not allowed unless it’s for medical (i.e. non-sexual) reasons, while other kinds are allowed as long as they are not drugs. The more you know (and no, I’m not linking to them, you can search for yourself).

the problem with atheists with agendas

Everyone has an agenda whether they’re willing to admit it or not. No one is neutral. An atheist who appears to not have an agenda is one who is willing to let the status quo continue as-is.

what’s it like to have sex with a muslim

Like having sex with anyone in that it depends on the person.

ok to date muslim mandiko male?

Does anyone know what “mandiko” means? I looked it up and it doesn’t seem to be a slur, at least.

that’s not being nice that’s putting on a nice sweater

That’s actually one of my favorite quotable South Park moments. I used to be a huge fan and even taught a course on South Park. How times have changed.

american woman dating a muslim man

Muslim and American aren’t mutually exclusive categories.

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Round-Up #6 of Search Terms

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