Search Term Round-Up #4: Dating & Sex + Religion & Race, Oh My~

Content notice for racism and sex and racist sex and sexual violence.

Inspired in no small part by the grand tradition of Captain Awkward.

racial preference is racism / dating preferences racist / are preferences racist / race preference dating / is having a preference racist

TL;DR answer to all of these: Sometimes.
Slightly longer answer: Saying “I’m attracted to [members of a particular racial/ethnic group]” is a faux-complimentary way of saying “All [members of a particular racial/ethnic group] look alike to me.”
Much longer answer: What Is Racist About Race-Based Dating Preferences

i’ve been fantasizing a bout girls in hijabs


Between weirdos on campus and at atheist meetups, I have a lot of personal not-good feelings about men who profess veil fetishes. My curiosity about what could possibly attract men to a style of dress I once believed was a shield against fetishists has led me to some rather dark corners of the Internet. The answers I received through my browsing ranged from somewhat benign (“It frames and emphasizes the face so beautifully”) to creepy claims of submissiveness (“Only I’d get to see her body and hair, she’d be all mine and trained to cater to me by her culture and religion”) to incredibly disturbing fantasies driven by unadulterated hatred and white supremacy (“I want to face-rape a chick in a burqa, show her how superior my Caucasian cock is, ruin her so that her sand nigger family kills her for being a whore”).

It’s the same as with any preferences that are at all racialized or associated with certain ethnicities (and yes, I know, Islam is not a race, but that doesn’t mean people don’t get racist about Muslims): It can get very very dicey very very quickly. See the answers to the prior question.

muslim never date?

They do, just as plenty of Catholics use contraceptives.

can a white man dating a muslim

Sure, but there will be issues. A white (I’m assuming non-Muslim) man dating a Muslim woman is, more often than not, asking her to flout the rules followed by most Muslims regarding marriage. In Islam, Muslim men are permitted to wed non-Muslim women, but not the other way around. In the case of a white man dating a Muslim man, a lot of Muslims are not exactly cool with their kids being gay.

are muslim men nice to date? / reasons to date a muslim guy

Depends on the man, but be aware that he is facing religious and cultural challenges that could lead to outcomes that you (and maybe not even he) could have anticipated. He may be more willing to go against his family’s wishes than he thought or vice versa.

fuck christian virgins

Only if they want to. Most Christians, like most Americans in general, aren’t virgins anyway.

simple desi sex image

I suppose this was in the hopes of finding something besides the Kama Sutra, parts of which seem like trolling to me. Sorry I couldn’t help, anonymous seeker.

heina dadabhoy kink

I guess this person was too shy to ask, even anonymously. Aww.

Search Term Round-Up #4: Dating & Sex + Religion & Race, Oh My~

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