Search Term Round-Up #3: Non-Binary Gender & Other LGBT Issues

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For the next few round-ups, instead of a plain listing, like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to respond in the grand tradition of Captain Awkward. I mean, with incoming search terms like “top ten male authors” and “heina dadabhoy boob“, how could I not?

In honor of same-sex marriage being made legal by the Supreme Court of the United States, I’m going to focus on the LGBT-centric phrases and questions that have led to this blog.

non-binary trans celebrities

I’m not quite a celebrity, but yes, my gender is non-binary. Some celebrities who explicitly identify that way are Miley Cyrus, Cyrus’s one-time date Tyler Ford, and Ruby Rose. I am with Rich Hawkins over at HuffPo Gay Voices, though, in that I can’t wait for more non-binary and/or genderfluid celebrities who aren’t extremely conventionally attractive.

person being asked if they are a boy or a girl, and their answer is "no"

what is a non binary girl

Some people who are non-binary still use gendered terms like “girl”, sometimes by choice but often because society doesn’t provide alternatives. My being out and acknowledged as non-binary isn’t always worth the inevitable struggle and frequent conflict, so I sometimes don’t bother. I’d advise not calling a non-binary person a “girl” unless they are okay with it.

my son says he is non binary

Wow, what a time of learning it is for this parent. I feel honored that they stumbled on my writings. In case you’re still reading, Parent, I know two wonderful parents of a non-binary teen; I could put you in touch if you want empathy and support.

son tells me he is wrong gender but not binary what does that mean

You should probably be asking your child that.

my son has a non binary friend

That’s pretty cool. Are you worried for some reason? No need to be, probably.

getting outed from grindr

That is something a lot of men worry about, and not without good reason. I am not a fan of outing unless the person is a major hypocrite who is actively harming other LGBT people.

male/female combination sign

i want to dress like a woman but i am a man

Clothing is for everyone. No matter what gender you are, you should be able to wear what you want without criticism or scrutiny based on the societal perception of gender-appropriateness. Unfortunately, this binarist, femmephobic society in which we live isn’t necessarily going to leave you alone about it. A local queer group might be able to to provide you with the support and answers you deserve.

shouldi come out to my niece as transgendered

On a long enough timeline, if you’re in touch with her and close to her? Yes, you should. It’s who you are and she should find out from you rather than some random source. However, age is an important factor here. This isn’t because I think that children can’t handle transgender issues and more that I worry about the potential fallout with your sibling and their co-parent. If the kid is old and/or mature enough to understand the difference between maintaining legitimate person-to-person privacy and keeping secrets she shouldn’t be from her parents, it might be right to come out to her.

past friends that are still bigots

You can try to work on them if you want, though there are no guarantees that your hard work and patience will mean anything. Just don’t exhaust yourself, okay?

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Search Term Round-Up #3: Non-Binary Gender & Other LGBT Issues

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    I have nothing to add to your words of wisdom, just wanted to let you know I’m still reading. I had some difficulty signing in to comment for a long time, so that’s most of why I haven’t said anything in a while. Keep on rocking!

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