#Haramadan Begins Tonight

I’ve not been as active as I had in a while, so to get myself back on track, I’m going to start the Haramadan Chronicles in this Year of Migration 1436*. I’m going to be reflecting and writing, facetiously and seriously, here and on other outlets, on my history with the Islamic month of fasting and its accompanying traditions, rituals, and routines. Dedicated self-reflection and ritual are the only aspects of Ramadan I have truly missed; now that I’m fairly comfortable with my apostasy, there is no reason for me not to give that part of it a whirl again.

Making this especially fun is the fact that my Hijri birthday is the 5th of Ramadan, my partner Danny‘s is the first of Shawwal (aka the day of Eid ul-Fitr), and he is going to be experiencing Ramadan and Eid firsthand for the first time this year.

Some reading to get you started:

* That is the year right now according to the Hijra calendar, which is a lunar calendar based on the year Muhammad reportedly migrated from Makkah to Madinah.

#Haramadan Begins Tonight

3 thoughts on “#Haramadan Begins Tonight

  1. AMM

    Perhaps a dumb question: what does “Haramadam” mean?

    I’m familiar with Ramadam (to the extent a clueless non-muslim can be), and I’ve heard of the word “haram” (at least, I’ve read the Wikipedia article), but I don’t know how “Haramadam” relates to either word.

      1. I like it -the combo of “forbidden” and sacred*. Nice.

        * Wikipedia says Ramadan comes from the word for ‘Heat’ or ‘scorching’ FWIW. But y’know what I mean I hope -sacred month for Muslims.

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