Wholly Self-Indulgent Life Update & Birthday Post

Part of the reason why I took my hiatus for the past two weeks is that, following the American Atheists Convention, my life was swallowed up by the process of moving. Between all the actions necessary to get two people and a storage unit onto a lease and then moved into a third-floor apartment with no elevators, I had little time for anything else other than work and sleep.

It was worth it. Danny and I are, at long last, after years of patience and work and frustration, living together.

Dethklok birthday/dethday lyrics

Thankfully, most of the physical labor and necessary immediate large expenditures have already been completed, meaning that I’ve accomplished my goal of successfully moving before my birthday, which is tomorrow (I share it with Earth Day).  I will be attending ReAsonCon this weekend with the full intention of making up for two frantic, mostly fun-free weeks.

Not everything is quite done yet, though. If you want to and can help out two broke and one disabled, formerly homeless person get their household together as a combination birthday/housewarming/birthday (since his is in June) thing, this is your lucky day. If not, don’t peek below the jump.

If there is no purchasing link for something you’d like to throw my way, or you just want to send me a few bucks, you can do so using PayPal. I will respect requested designations of funds (within reason). My email is [email protected]


  • Haircut: I have already scheduled one for tomorrow as a birthday treat. I get one once every year or two from the only person who has ever given me a haircut that didn’t make me cry. Nicole is my curl expert and I’m long overdue. Having to pay 10-20 cents a day for something I’m obligated to wear all the time is something I’ve made my peace with.
  • Massages: Danny’s fibro means that the move was hard on him and massage helps him to manage the pain. Due to a history of poor posture, I have shoulder issues. Two local spots currently have Groupons: here and here; there is one on LivingSocial here and another on Amazon Deals here. There’s also Wi Spa.
  • TSA Pre-Check: It’s $85 for 5 years of significantly less hassle in flying.

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Wholly Self-Indulgent Life Update & Birthday Post

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