A Note: Hiatus

As the more dedicated among you readers may have noticed, I have been away for American Atheists Convention 2015 the past few days. The respite from daily posts was good for me, and I plan on continuing with irregular or no posts for the next few weeks or so. This gives all of you the chance to catch up and / or check out my archives, which go back through my posts from Skepchick (i.e. late 2011). That’s 317 posts total, all tagged for your reading ease.

To get you started:
Top Ten Posts on This Blog That Aren’t Too Topical

  1. Polyamory: What No One Warned Me About
  2. Do I Get to Dress Like the Women on Matt Taylor’s Shirt at Work Now?
  3. Beauty Level-Up #5: An FAQ on Contouring
  4. Viewing Child Porn Far Is Worse Than Being a Pedophile
  5. What’s Wrong With Saying Hello?
  6. Top Five Arguments the Atheist Agenda Doesn’t Have the Right to Use
  7. #AnApostatesExperience: A Plea to Reconsider Your Love for Reza Aslan
  8. Everything That My Tits Have Gotten Me in Life
  9. Dan Savage: Always & Forever a Mixed Bag
  10. Against Jokes, Expressions of Attraction, & Free Speech for Men

Click through tags and / or search this blog for words and phrases of interest to find more things that may interest you. I’ve said a lot about a lot of things over the years.

See you all in a few weeks or fewer.

A Note: Hiatus

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