Writings From Elsewhere: An Apostate of Towelie

A while back, I wrote a piece on Medium about my early experiences as an out ex-Muslim online called An Apostate of Towelie: Being the Only Woman in the Ex-Muslim Chatroom. An edited version of it appeared in Atheist Alliance of America’s magazine, Secular Nation.

I have built a fledgling (perhaps fetal, if I’m being generous) writing career around it. I promote and am a part of organizations about it. I openly talk about it and identify with it. I am an ex-Muslim atheist, loud and proud, unashamed and out, and have been since 2006. And yet, despite my shamelessness, I mentally buried a significant part of my early history with being an apostate of Islam. The very first time I joined a group for apostates of Islam, I defected after just two group chat sessions.

Indeed, the memory might have stayed buried indefinitely were it not for a particular troll who found my writing at Skepchick.

Read more at Medium.

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Writings From Elsewhere: An Apostate of Towelie

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    Uh … wow. I got a lot of vitriol from folks who stayed (*cough*missionaryparents*cough*) but I haven’t been on the receiving end from people who left. Yeesh.

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