See Me in Madison, Memphis, & Hickory, NC

My next three speaking gigs are sure to be an awesome start to a (hopefully) con-filled year: Freethought Festival 4American Atheists 2015 Conference, and ReAsonCon 2015.

You can always check out a full list of past and future happenings at Upcoming Appearances, Where I’ve Been & What I’ve Done, and Recorded Appearances pages.

First up is this coming weekend’s Freethought Festival 4 in Madison, WI. It’s free and features not only people I already have met and enjoy (Debbie Goddard, Tommy Nugent, and Ed Brayton — though he doesn’t remember it) but also others who I’m looking forward to meeting (James Croft) and others with whom I’m unfamiliar personally but whose bios intrigue me.

Speaking of James Croft, he and I will be doing a workshop on Intersectionality together at American Atheists 2015 Conference in Memphis, TN on Easter weekend. I will also be on a panel on ex-Muslim issues with Sarah Haider and Muhammad Syed of EXMNA. The speakers list includes keynote speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali; fellow FtBers Jamila Bey, Greta Christina, Miri Mogilevsky, Matt Dillahunty, and Russell Glasser; and many, many others worth listening to. Admission starts at $50 for students, $299 for AA members, and $329 for the general public.

Last, but not least, is ReAsonCon 2015 in Hickory, NC. It is going to be both edifying and entertaining if I’m looking at the schedule (and interpreting what Beth has told me) correctly. The con starts at $50 for a standard admission.

See Me in Madison, Memphis, & Hickory, NC

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