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    I’ve never seen a Heina video before. Started with one of the Godless Perverts ones, think I’ll have to come back to it later when I get off the fainting couch. I don’t have a lot of exposure to sex talk in my day-to-day. Heh.

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    I don’t know if I can articulate a good policy for nuking trolls of the slimy expert variety. Notice abear has done nothing in violation of your comment policy, but he shit all over the progressive people in a few threads, pretended to be progressive himself while doing so (such a common slyme pit tactic it’s hella played out), and always had some excuse why he was being misunderstood, he was right, everyone else was wrong. What does one call that?

    All I know is that on my own blog, anyone even slightly slyme-tinted gets thwacked. But my crew doesn’t even bother with maintaining a semblance of openness to debate with anti-SJ types. I can understand why you’d want to take a more open approach, it just ain’t for me.

    On the plus side, as long as you let abear spread his feces around the place, he has a recognizable handle I can breeze past, instead of a clothesline of unfamiliar socks. And I’ll still read your stuff – if the comments get too slimy, I’ll just stop participating in them.

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    You need to learn grammar. ‘Heina Dadabhoy spent their childhood…’ ‘Their’?! Are you more than one person?! ‘Heina has been..’. Now that is singular! ‘They are currently writing..’ Plural! I assume English is not your first language. Still, it does not bode well for intelligent thought. In any case, ‘atheist secular feminist humanist’ (or whatever the order is) summarizes just about every cynical and emotionally barren thing I hate. There tends to be not a lot of ‘humanity’ in any of those 4 things. It’s pitiful, really.

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      English is very much my first language. I majored in it. They/them/their is a gender-neutral pronoun. Even Shakespeare used it that way.

      I’m sorry you’re so angry about who I am. I wish you well.

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    Just to warn you, Great American Satan is a bigot and likely an undercover troll. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was a Slymepitter looking at the cringeworthy turds he drops all over the place. His handiwork went a long way toward the destruction of A+.
    Lately he has been harassing Anjuli Pandaver, accusing her of being an islamophobe. I mean really.
    It’s your blog Heina, but I wouldn’t listen to any whitemansplaining from that character.

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      It’s cute that you think you can trick me now that I’m at a new blog, but you’re the ‘Pitter here. I’ve seen your actual posts at the real Slymepit, and I remember you from when you were trolling Heinous Dealings when it was at Freethought Blogs; I had to ban you. GAS has a history of commenting at FtB and other spots. You’re a liar and a troll and the slimiest Pitter I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with. Take your disingenuous crap elsewhere.

      PS A+ is hardly “destroyed” and you sound like a bot that picked up on some SJ language and spat it back. Pathetic.

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    “They/them/their is a gender-neutral pronoun.” Those pronouns are used when one does not know the gender of a person being referred to, to avoid “She or he did not want her or his stuff messed with.” The pronouns are not typically used to avoid assigning a gender to oneself; and doing so jars the grammatical “ear” of the reader.

    I have begun using the acronym GBTI for the gay community. Gay means lesbians and men; using both, i.e., LG (ladies first!) denotes a separation, not unity of cause. Q for queer is redundant, and for questioning is unecessary; one is gay, bi or straight (or “fluid”), confusion isn’t a category. T stands for trans (-vestite or -sexual). Intersex is a minority within the minority, whose rights have a place in the community. Asexuals are not discriminated against, as far as i am aware; i support their right and need to have their own group. Not having sex isn’t similar to gay, bi, trans or intersex. Allies are great; love them, but they are straight. These rules avoid the need for the “alphabet soup” acronym. (Pansexual is a group i reject; they can advocate for their own needs, but i reject sex with trees, children, animals or dead people as legitimate in the gay community.)

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    Thank you for your reply. From Wikipedia on pansexuality:

    “Volume 2 of Cavendish’s Sex and Society, however, states that “although the term’s literal meaning can be interpreted as ‘attracted to everything,’ people who identify as pansexual do not usually include paraphilias, such as bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia, in their definition” and that they “stress that the term pansexuality describes only consensual adult sexual behaviors”.”

    i was thrown by the literal interpretation. However, notice that it is stipulated “usually” does not include paraphilia. So, one could arguably use the term as a disguise for socially unacceptable / illegal activity.

    We are also seeing in some liberal publications the idea that pedophilia only as an attraction should be tolerated, if it is not acted upon; that is, the urge itself, as with same-sex attraction, cannot be changed by the individual and should not be persecuted.

    Nevertheless it isn’t surprising that an avowed pansexual would restrict the literal definition, which seems to be a refinement of bisexuality to include fluidity, i.e., one’s attraction to same or opposite sex switches on or off inadvertently.

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    Heina, i ordered the Gender Revolution issue (Jan. ’17) of Natl Geographic and am reading it carefully (1/3 thru). There are many terms in the gender spectrum with which i was not familiar. “They” is a way that young people who are undecided about their gender, comfortable neither with “him” nor “her” sometimes choose to express identity.

    i apologize for disagreeing with you about terminology that makes you uncomfortable. It was not my intent to challenge your existence. i wish you the best in sorting it out, and in reaching happiness and security.

    Looks are important to me.

    i am 65, and when i was 3 years old and proclaiming myself a girl, it was a different world; “gay” was not a term, homosexuality was shameful and a mental illness, and transgender was a future (non-existent) concept. By 18 i liked being male, but participated in the androgynous hippie look (didn’t realize it, but was pretty); gay activism was beginning, but met with hostility in the southern US. Some friends & i saw The Christine Jorgensen Story at a drive-in, just out of high school, and i was silently repulsed by it; a handsome boy turned into an unattractive woman (Liberal Austin, TX became my refuge, but now i’m back in my hometown and am quite isolated.)

    i have become comfortable expressing maleness, working out, etc; but not in seeking a significant other (which “happened” more easily, if not satisfactorily, in youth). i was aware in the Austin gay scene that trans folk (-vestite / -gender) were discriminated against. i was not unkind to them, as were many. They were not particularly friendly, i think because i worked as a civilian for law enforcement, a job i fell into & latched onto at 38 (while i looked early 20s – i knew it because i was told i looked 18 at 30 – now i look late 40s (i’m …thrilled). i abandoned the arts and buckled down to retire. What now i’m not sure :oi

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