Search Term Round-Up #2

Remember Search Term Round-Up #1? In the grand tradition of other bloggers, I’ve decided to share some more of the funnier and/or more bizarre incoming search terms that have led people to my blog.

I have noticed a change since I did my last round-up: People are searching for me by (sometimes misspelled) name and by search term strings directly related to the titles of my pieces. Gulp.

Content notice for the last of the lists.

Funny, But They Make Sense

  • why do people say shes no good 4 mes its my life
  • obese “get to that point”
  • white peasant headscarf
  • is hindi and gujarati mutually intelligible to any extent
  • islamic blogs for positive thinking [oh, honey]
  • what happen between ben affleck and maury
  • www pigs ex
  • arguments about bragging atheist
  • hiding my tits
  • mistress calls submissive

I Wonder How That Got Them Here

  •  a clockwork orange pedophile
  • when you’re at a party with your crush and she kisses another guy 9gag
  • how to make my muslim husband sexually attracted to me?
  • if shes being overly nice is she into me
  • png porn
  • cartoon mammal


  • cute horny big tits asian girl get bang vid-27
Search Term Round-Up #2

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