Search Term Round-Up #1

In the grand tradition of other bloggers, I’ve decided to share some of the funnier and/or more bizarre incoming search terms that have led people to my blog.

Definite content notice for the last of the lists.

Funny, But They Make Sense

  • shes not good for me / reasons you are too good for me
  • quit bragging on facebook
  • cousin sex / incest allowed
  • dark heinous jokes
  • pharyngula affirmative action
  • founder of apostasy clothing
  • niceguys naked sex slaves
  • tea parties for submissive males
  • analogies used in on the pulse of the morning
  • atheist gods of sex
  • how many people in finland have the surname “heina”
  • feminist virgin shaming
  • analogy of om in islam

I Wonder How That Got Them Here

  • queer option
  • not satisfying sex
  • comic con creepshot
  • fiction t shirt symbols stand for
  • when sex
  • tumblr/ big nipples


  • beyonce with republicans
  • sex black young girly digital porno
  • badboys fucked small teenand spray sperm on asshole
  • mendi shp young girls porno
  • mehndi shepas
  • bftb ajae ,¢)]9;,;; 1
  • lets fuck up muslims tonight


Search Term Round-Up #1

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