Ajar Thread / Throwback Thursday: Forgotten, Formerly-Precious Things

Less than a month ago, The Toast asked about first fan fiction. This led me to look up the one piece of fan fiction that I ever publicly posted. Lo and behold: it was still up. Alas, by today, the page seems to be down; thank the Noodly Lord for the Wayback Machine.

You can read it if you want to cringe-laugh. Mine is The Dawn by Bant428. You know, the one with choice lines like “the pregnant silence that ensued, the soft darkness that matured their love from the hunger of bodies into the fusion of souls.”

I know, I know.

Jeff from Community patting Annie on the head condescendingly

Revisiting the story reminded of how fourteen-year-old me was very concerned about the lust vs. love distinction. Padme and Anakin’s make-out seshes in Attack of the Clones were far too hungry and not romantic enough to satisfy me.  In my swoony teenage head, their first kiss should have been one of those grandiose, Hollywood zoom-out, long kisses. Their lips could be slightly parted, maybe, but not the om-nom-nom of the movies.

Unfortunately for me (and every other Star Wars fan ever), there isn’t a keyboard in the world big or strong enough to Ctrl+Z the Prequel Trilogy.

My solution?

Sap: Apply Directly to the Fanfic.

Not the fierce desire she had seen in him before, not a lightening strike that is brilliant for a moment and then is gone; but a slow-burning flame that leaves behind embers and soft ashes.

Have you ever rediscovered something about which you once cared deeply that seems rather frivolous, silly, or otherwise insignificant now?

Ajar Thread / Throwback Thursday: Forgotten, Formerly-Precious Things

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    I co-founded an improv troupe in the 90’s. We played the back room of Sitwells coffee shop twice a week until they got sick of us. We had the rather unfortunate nickname “The Funky Eskimos”. No there is not any video evidence.

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