1st Month Update: Give Me Orders* & Hang Out with Me**

A whole four weeks now! Can you believe it?

A Solicitation for Suggestions
Now that I’ve been an FtBer for a full month, I would like to further settle into my home hereMy background image is, as of yet, nothing. Though I somewhat like how clean it looks, I’m open to suggestions. If you’re a photographer or artist, feel free to pitch your idea to me. I can’t pay much but I do believe in paying artists for their work. Suggestions and pitches can be sent to me by commenting below or via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Hang Out with Me
I’ve added a few speaking gigs and podcasts. Tune in and/or come on out and see me. If you’re impatient, you can also hear and/or see my past appearances.

I’m also available for speaking engagements.

Toss a Few Coins My Way

a glass with coins in and around it, and masking tape on it reading "donate"

Aside from last Monday’s holiday, I’ve been keeping up with my goal of a post for every weekday. In terms of posts that count towards that goal, I don’t plan on ones that are exclusively or primarily pull-quotes, links, videos, or meta stuff (like this). This means that I am always thinking up and working on my pieces for this blog.

If you threw me some money in appreciation of my labor, where would it go (unless otherwise specified)? Currently, my partner and I both require some rather expensive but necessary dental work. Additionally, con season is nigh. I’d like to occasionally supplement my usual nuts-and-protein-bar con diet with a real meal. If you’re going to be at con and would like to buy me a meal, I promise I won’t pick the most expensive thing.

* within reason and the scope of this piece
** as long as I don’t have to pay out-of-my-pocket expenses for the occasion

1st Month Update: Give Me Orders* & Hang Out with Me**
The Orbit is still fighting a SLAPP suit! Help defend freedom of speech, click here to find out more and donate!

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    Very excited. Met you at the SSA conference in Phoenix (loved your talk), you mentioned you were coming to FTB, and now I find out you’re coming down to our club in Tucson. Looking forward to your speaking engagement down here.

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