Grantland’s Apology By the Numbers

Inspiration via one of the thought-provoking piece on the matter at Aoifeschatology. If you aren’t aware of what happened this weekend, The Toast did a link round-up; check the comments for additional takes and resources.

Uses of the Word “Mistake:” 15
Uses of the Word “Mistake” in Reference to Actions on the Part of Grantland Writers & Editors: 14
Uses of the Word “Mistake” in Reference to the Actions of the Outraged: 1

Compliments Given to Grantland Writers & Editors: 12
Manic Pixie Dreamgirl-Esque Words Used to Describe the Late Dr. V: 5

Total Sentences: 214
Sentences Mostly About Dr. V: 9

Mentions of the Motivations and Feelings of Grantland Writers & Editors: 23
Mentions of the Mean Things Others Have Done: 17
Mentions of the Sad Feelings of Grantland Writers & Editors: 9
Mentions of the Sad Feelings of Dr. V’s Family & Friends: 1
Mentions of Dr. V’s Feelings, Any Kind: 0

Instances of “Apolog[y/ize]:” 3
Instances of “Sorry”: 1
Instances of the Word “Sorry” Directed at Anyone But Caleb Hannan: 0

Grantland’s Apology By the Numbers

3 thoughts on “Grantland’s Apology By the Numbers

  1. 1

    That Grantland has absolutely no idea how to deal with Transgender issues is not exactly a big surprise to anybody who’s ever read Bill Simmons over the years. The guy used to write for Jimmy Kimmel, for pete’s sake. On the bright side, he did seem to understand how little he and his staff knows about Transgender people, so that’s a start. But, once this blows over I don’t think anything will change.

  2. 2

    I also took issue with how much responsibility he was taking away from the author, Hannan. Sure, Simmons and the other editors do share responsibility, but his protection of his writer was over-the-top in a fashion that allows himself to seem like a martyr, shielding his ingenue or whatever. The way the apology is worded, I wonder why Grantland bothers with bylines if their writers have so little at stake in their words.

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