2 thoughts on “don’t believe in god you are not alone billboard

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    How about being a little more specific about the God you’re referring to. If you’re referring to the Jewish/Christian bible God, No, I DON’T believe in the Jewish/Christian bible god… that unbelief is a no-brainer if you are capable of thinking or reasoning. The Jewish/Christian bible is the biggest FRAUD ever perpetrated on mankind and consists mostly of myth, superstition, exaggeration, and downright lies.

    However, as far as a nature’s god, Yes, I do believe there is something (let’s call it god) behind EXISTENCE. I side with the Deists in that respect. It is much more reasonable to believe that there is something behind existence than that there is nothing.



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    If someone calls me an atheist because I don’t believe in the Jewish/Christian bible God, I take that as a compliment to my intelligence.

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