Random Favorite Things

I committed to blogging every weekday in January. Today (Thuraday) has been a travel day, I’ve been offline most of the day and am now tired. So I’m going to post a random selection of favorite things. (I am not going to set them to the tune of the song from The Sound of Music)

My favorite game to play on my phone is Threes. (I just got a new high score the other day, in fact! Broke 90,000 for the first time.)

My favorite tabletop/social game is Slash.

My favorite color is royal blue.

My favorite episode of Steven Universe is “Winter Forecast.”

My favorite episode of Parks and Recreation is “End of the World.”

My favorite character in the Terry Pratchett books is Moist Von Lipwig.

My favorite character in “Leverage” is Parker.

My favorite non-home airport is Portland.

My favorite thing to do in a strange city is to sit in a local, non-chain cafe.

Enough for now. I may return to this theme in the future. Good night.

Random Favorite Things