Clinton and Trump are Not the Same

Fascism in dictionary

If you think Clinton and Trump are basically the same, I urge you: Please, PLEASE, read this. It’s an extensive summary documenting large numbers of ways in which Trump is a literal fascist. That’s not hyperbole.

And if you think Trump could never be elected: People said he’d never be nominated, either. This is a close election — much, much closer than it should be, given that one of the candidates is a literal fascist.

If you have problems with Clinton — say so. I would urge you to take some time and fact-check your opinions about her: there’s been a decades-long right-wing smear campaign against her, much of which is being repeated by people on the left. I would also urge you to look at some of the ways many attacks on her, including attacks from the left, are sexist. If you’ve checked the negative things you think about her and they turn out to be true and fair and not a sexist-double-standard, say so.

But if you think there’s no difference between the candidates, that’s just flatly mistaken. Clinton is a moderate-to-liberal Democrat with some troubling things in her history. Trump is a literal fascist.

Clinton and Trump are Not the Same
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2 thoughts on “Clinton and Trump are Not the Same

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    Sanders supporters who say they can’t vote for Clinton are so terribly wrong. ANY Republican who would become president will permanently craft the supreme court so that reproductive rights will be destroyed for possibly the next 50 years. They say they want smaller government except when it comes to your sex life. With regard to the sex life of everyone, Republicans wants a HUGE government to impose their style of morality on everyone. Recently we came close with Antonin Scalia on the supreme court where 7 out of 9 justices were Roman Catholics. So the RCC and evangelical christians can tell everyone who and how you can have orgasms with. That is so medieval. 7th century primitive thinking, a betrayal of the human spirit.

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    Clinton’s platform includes repealing the Hyde amendment, strengthening the protections of Roe v Wade, and ensuring that birth control is paid for by all health insurance.

    Trump’s includes “abstinence only education”, attempts to repeal Roe v Wade, and plans to end health insurance coverage of birth control.

    Anyone saying that the Republicans are just like the Democrats is saying that women are invisible to them.

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