We Did It!

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The Orbit passed $10,000 in our Kickstarter! Specifically, we raised $10,125, with 247 backers.

We are so happy with our success — clearly, a good number of people want us to do this work, enough to put their money where their mouth is (where their mouths are?), or to spread the word and encourage other people to contribute. We hit our base goal of $5,000 in just over a day, and $10,000 was our second stretch goal.

Because we hit our base goal, we’ll cover our costs to launch and run The Orbit for a year. Because we hit our first stretch goal, we’ll put on an online conference dedicated to the topics we cover. And because we hit our second stretch goal, we’ll release an ebook compilation of some of the best writing The Orbit’s authors have to offer. We’re so happy to be able to do all this!

Many, many thanks to all our backers. Many thanks also go to everyone who spread the word about our Kickstarter on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. And big thanks go to everyone who’s just been spreading the word about The Orbit and sharing our posts. The Orbit is in many ways a community site — we want to be a home for nonbelievers who’ve been harmed by religious culture, who feel estranged from movement atheism and alone among progressives — and it’s amazing that our community sees it that way, to, and is invested in our success. Thanks once again! We’ll do you proud.

We Did It!
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    So is the ebook just for Kickstarter backers, or will it be available for anyone who wants to buy it? If it will be available to anyone, do you have an idea when that will be?

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