Steven Universe Theme Song Parody, Cat Edition

So I’ve written a song parody of the Steven Universe theme song, based on our cats. Because of course I have.

Are the tabby cats
We’ll lie around all day
And if you make the bed
We’ll both get in the way

That’s why the mamas of this world
Believe in
Comet, Talisker, and purrrrrr

Comet and Talisker snuggling asleep on bed 1000

(For those who aren’t Steven Universe fans, here’s the theme song, and the extended opening with the extended theme song.)

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Steven Universe Theme Song Parody, Cat Edition

3 thoughts on “Steven Universe Theme Song Parody, Cat Edition

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    Haha oh boy, got the shivers just singing it to myself in my head. Can’t wait for it to come back…the next episode bits they’ve shown are tantalizing!

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