The Orbit Covered By Religion News Service!

(RNS) Organizers hope a new platform for blogs by atheists and others who identify as not religious will set it apart from other atheist sites.

“The Orbit,” a collection of 20-plus new and existing blogs, took off Tuesday (March 15) and will focus on social justice and activism through an atheist lens.

Religion News Service, the national wire service covering news about religion, has done a story about the launch of The Orbit! It’s a good story: succinct, accurate, fair, and positive. (Thanks to PZ Myers and Ed Brayton for their support, in this article and elsewhere.) Check it out!

The Orbit Covered By Religion News Service!

2 thoughts on “The Orbit Covered By Religion News Service!

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    The comments section of the Religion News Service consisted mainly of people complaining about how mean the SJWs are to people who don’t agree with them. For example:

    samuel johnston March 18, 2016 at 9:17 am
    My experience with “social justice” atheist warriors has not been pleasant. The tend to make social causes their “evangelical religion”, and adopt the intolerant behavior of religious evangelists. Give me an old fashioned skeptical atheist every time.

    It appears that Mr. Johnston objects to people giving a damn about other people instead of just saying “I don’t believe in gods.” But perhaps I’m being a little too harsh. Possibly Mr. Johnston doesn’t mind people giving a damn about others as long as those people just keep quiet about it.

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