Our Newest Member?

Comet wants to blog! She has lots to say about atheism and social justice from the feline perspective. She has passionate views on mealtimes, closed doors, access to delicious power cords, and the inequitable distribution of butter and cheese.

Comet looking at The Orbit on laptop

What do you say, Orbiters? Should we bring her in as the newest member of the collective?


5 thoughts on “Our Newest Member?

  1. 1

    Comet probably has more relevant commentary on many issues than, say, Donald Trump. Why not?

    Fairly frequent lurker at FtB, admiring the new digs. Congratulations.

  2. 2

    Comet certainly looks like a minor solar system body (to use the astronomical parlance du jour), and I dare say might even be detectable in a solar orbit. Questions may be raised though, whether this orbit is to be found to be co-rotational with the earth.

    I have similar problems with other heavenly bodies of the furry kind, that regard access to iPhone charge cables as a tasty but expensive snack…

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